Summary to Remember: How to Control Your Weight? Have Surgery.

How to Control Your Weight? Have Surgery. – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationBeing severely obese is being an object of scorn

Somehow we allow cruel words to be spoken within earshot of an obese person

Obese people need to hear our disapproval, to motivate them to quit eating so much. Right?

My hospital stay opened a door into a bariatric surgery world that had been hidden from me

Clearly there was a three-generation weight problem in Anne’s family

Before bariatric surgery, her every moment was consumed with survival. And survival isn’t living

At some point, weight loss surgery is the only way to control weight – the only way to save a life

Before bariatric surgery Anne lost the life she had, the dreams she had nurtured, her sensuousness gone

“What’s the use of bariatric surgery if you don’t have a life?”

Excess weight is a symptom of a disease. The greater the weight, the greater the disease

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