A Dramatically New Vision Of How To Achieve Life-Long Weight Loss



We are adding a whole new feature on Celebrate Woman Today.

heart plan weight loss successI talked our guest Weight Loss expert, Boyd Jentzsch into serializing his book, HEART PLAN — Weight Loss Success Begins in Your Heart.

I saw an advance copy of it, and was so impressed with it that I hurried to ask him if I could publish chapters from it. I am so happy he agreed. You’re going to love it.

I’ll let his intro to the book speak for itself. But if you have ever struggled losing weight long term, and seem to easily lose your motivation, you are going to want to read HEART PLAN. It is unlike anything I have ever seen out there.

HEART PLAN IS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT. It is all about what you FEEL when you are trying to lose a lot of weight.

Some of the chapters are so moving, they brought tears to my eyes. Other chapters were so enlightening…it made me put weight loss into a whole different, very personal and human dimension.

So, get started today, and come back every day or two and see the newest chapters. I am so happy I can bring you HEART PLAN — Weight Loss Success Begins in Your Heart. Enjoy!

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