12 Top Fermented Foods In Weight Loss

Foods that Heal – Foods that Maintain Weight Loss

“Your most important weight loss action is to make your body healthy.”
by Boyd Jentzsch

boyd jentzsch top fermented foods weight loss

Boyd Jentzsch

Carrying around a lot of extra weight for many years is taxing on your body. If you don’t already have it, excess weight sets your body up for Metabolic Syndrome, which are the four deadly killers: Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and Obesity. And that’s not to mention arthritis, gout, several cancers…and the list goes on. Is that what you want? Of course not.

Yet, even when you lose weight, it is difficult to maintain it, right? I know. Once I started my efforts to lose weight, and lost 60 pounds, I cycled up and down for quite a while. Finally, I looked around to find A FOOD-BASED SOLUTION TO WEIGHT MAINTENANCE, and got back to my roots — Fermented Whole Foods.

While I have successfully kept the weight off these last dozen years, it isn’t always easy. As a nutritional weight loss expert, and having had the opportunity to create 150+ different weight loss and nutritional supplement products over the years, I know the real challenge in weight loss is not losing weight. It is keeping it off. Isn’t that what your experience says, too?

The hidden power of Whole Foods has been my passion to research and discover over the years. As I searched for the best weight loss, and weight maintenance food-based answers for myself and others, I found the answers in my own family and personal history. And in the history of people on this planet.

What follows is what I believe to be a great place for you to start to discover your own success in long term weight loss. This series of articles will focus on Fermented Foods over several days. At a later date I will also give a similar treatment to the Ancient Grains around which every great civilization developed — upon which they were able to grow and thrive.

This series about the To12 Top Fermented Foods is what I learned in my journey to health and lasting weight loss. I hope you enjoy it, and find it fascinating.

Excess weight is not just a collection of too many pounds. It is now clear that EXCESS WEIGHT IS A SYMPTOM OF DISEASE. Which disease, and how many of them you will get, is just a matter of time before you know. How much of that mystery do you want to unravel? How long do you want to wait before you unravel the entire list of all the things THAT WILL GO TERRIBLY WRONG IN YOUR BODY by actually experiencing them?

Please begin with a real acknowledgement that if you are 10 pounds or more overweight, you are injuring your body. The longer you have done it, and the more pounds you have accumulated, the worst the injury. In time those injuries can and will kill you. But before they do, you will most likely suffer one or more debilitating Metabolic Diseases. They will limit your lifestyle, and then your mobility. None of us want that.

What we all want, and likely desperately need, is healthy weight loss, followed by the ability to keep the weight off permanently. If that is your desire too, let’s talk here about how to begin that lifetime journey to lasting health with less weight.

The goal in any weight loss effort is to do it in a healthy, sustainable way. If it’s not healthy while you are doing it, don’t injure your body further by keeping it up.

People often tell me they are OK with using unhealthy ways to lose weight because they can always repair the damage later. Whew! What can I say? That is crazy stupid! Worse, it is totally untrue.

Whatever you are trying to do to lose weight, ONLY DO IT IF IT IS SUSTAINABLE. That means, use weight loss strategies that are healthy, which BUILD THE HEALTH OF YOUR BODY, AND are also something YOU CAN SEE YOURSELF DOING FOR MANY, MANY YEARS TO COME. If it doesn’t meet those twin requirements…DON’T DO IT.

Tomorrow: We will get started on our first two of the Top 12 Fermented Foods, beginning in South and Central America.

Top 12 Fermented Foods
Foods that Heal – Foods that Maintain Weight Loss

Here’s a List to the Top 12 Fermented Foods Admired Throughout the World

Chicha and Buttermilk
Kvass and Rejuvelac
Pickles and Yogurt
Kimchi and Tempeh
Miso and Kefir
Cabbage and Cambucha

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    It is so true that HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS IS ABOUT HEALING. Thanks so much for the info. Love it.

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