What You Don’t Eat Makes You Snack During Weight Loss

What Are The Foods That Make You Snack?

weight loss with hight fiber foods

by Boyd Jentzsch, Guest Writer
Q: I want to know what foods you can eat to help weight loss?

A from Boyd: Well, we have all heard about not eating too many fat grams, or eating The Atkins high protein diet, or maybe the South Beach diet, or Paleo Diet. Actually, all these have small pieces of reliable science, and a whole bunch of junk science.

And its the junk science that can get your body in serious trouble.

Basically these were all concocted to sell you specially packaged foods. And books. And Videos.

There are two key things you need to understand about “weight loss foods that can help you lose weight.”

  • Foods you eat make you hungry.
  • Foods you don’t eat make you snack.

Now, no one who has something to sell is going to tell you either of those TWO FACTS. Chances are, you have never heard of those two foundational ideas.

I have prepared two short narrated videos about these subjects, and Laura has linked them on her site. Make sure you check them out.

You don’t need to watch them now, but make sure you do later. If you have questions or comments about them, please comment here, or on Laura’s form. I’ll make sure to respond to them.

What You Don’t Eat Makes You Snack Video

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