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Weight Loss Wednesdays

March 19, 2014
9:30pm ET Every Wednesday

What Is the Hardest Thing About Weight Loss? – Continued
Moderator Boyd Jentzsch

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VIDEO #1 – The No Re-GAIN Diet

VIDEO #2 – What You Eat Makes You Hungry

VIDEO # 3 – What You Don’t Eat Makes You Snack

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  1. Celebrate Woman says

    Just say ‘HI’ in the comments, so we could see who’s here!

    I’d like to Introduce Boyd Jentzsch to you all. He will be our moderator in our Q&A tonight.

    Please start asking Questions about your challenges in weight.

    Let’s have a good time!

    Thank you,

    • Boyd Jentzsch says

      Q: I want to lose 30-60 pounds in the next month or so. I’m already exercising in class. What is the best way to lose that amount?

      A from Boyd: This is an excellent question. I get many inquiries like this one. Basically people want to know how to lose weight fast.

      The difficulty is that the scoence is against losing that much weight, that fast. Not only are there a lot of health chanllenges created by that speed of weight loss, but it sets your body up for RAPID WEIGHT RE-GAIN.

      “The Science of Weight Loss Nutrition” is a 90 minute seminar I give around the country. It starts out by explaining why rapid weight loss is the fastest way to regain lost weight, PLUS some extra pounds.

      Laura, who has seen my Seminar, asked if I could create a short PowerPoint video about the dangers of rapid weight loss and present it here. I’ve created one, and narrated it.

      So, Laura, if you are tracking us, could you post a link to the Video I made for your group, and give everyone a chance to see it. It is entitled:
      —The No Re-GAIN Diet

    • Karen Hinkle says

      Hello I am here how every one

    • Rebecca Swenor says


  2. Boyd Jentzsch says

    PLEASE WATCH VIDEO #1 embedded into the post, not in comments

  3. Boyd Jentzsch says


  4. Boyd Jentzsch says

    MY QUESTION TO THE GROUP: What questions or comments do you have about that video?

    • Karen Hinkle says

      oh my it made great me think a lot about what you were saying about re gain that’s what really happens I am going to give it a try I think to loss it slower is better

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        Well, it is sorta like the tortoise and the hare…slow and steady wins the race.

        In this case, the tortoise keeps winning from then on.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      It makes a lot of sense. People don’t think about it so thank you for the video. 🙂

  5. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Is anyone surprised about anything they heard in it?

    Is there anything you may do differently based on what you learned from the Video?

    • Karen Hinkle says

      yes I was so surprised by what you said about the re gain and about eat smaller anounts and yes when I did diet I was like in starvation mood but I am also a hypo clysemic I don’t know how to spell that so what do you suggest but I love the concept of the video

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        Hypoglycemia is the result of having HYPERglycemia earlier in the day. That usually means you have had a high-glycemic meal of some sort. And your body quickly processes the sugars in it, causing you to get into low blood sugar — HYPOglycemia.

        So, the diet habit is to really watch your meals to make sure they don’t not spike your blood sugar in the first place.

        Doing that will also help you quit gaining weight — if you have been — and start slowly losing it.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I will do less snacking during day on chips and maybe substitute fiber bar so I don’t feel like I need to snack.

  6. Karen Hinkle says

    no I don’t see it yet

  7. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Laura, can you direct her to it, please?

  8. Karen Hinkle says

    I am watching now

  9. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Q: Should I skip breakfast and eat a larger dinner?

    A from Boyd: Yes you should.


    You know, in my former life, I used to do this all the time. Then one day I woke up and found my self 60 pounds over weight. Wow. No one ever told me why or how that happens.

    The video mentioned above answers this directly…but I came to leanr it along during my own voyage to discovering the real science of weight loss.

    The quickest and most persistent way known to science to make sure you gain weight, and do it day after day, is to skip breakfast.

    When you skip a meal, your body goes into mini-starvation mode. That does a few bad things.

    It tells your body to slow down its metabolism.

    It makes you hungrier at your next meal.

    You will overeat in your next meal.

    The first 2-300 calories you eat in your next meal will get stored as FAT, and it will not make you less hungry, even though you just ate.

  10. Boyd Jentzsch says

    So, the conclusion?… Don’t skip meals to lose weight. You’ll end up gaining it.

  11. Boyd Jentzsch says

    MY QUESTION TO THE GROUP: What are your experiences with skipping breakfast?

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I do skip breakfast but just started to eat something I heard this on the doctors that you should never skip breakfast so I eat something to keep me from not eating just any thing when I get hungry

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        Eat a good breakfast, but not a big one. A small amount of protein in the morning — if you don’t eat it with a starchy carbohydrate — will help control hunger in the morning.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I snack more if I skip breakfast or I eat more when I eat a meal.

  12. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Q: I want to know what foods you can eat to help weight loss?

    A from Boyd: Well, we have all heard about not eating too many fat grams, or eating The Atkins high protein diet, or maybe the South Beach diet, or Paleo Diet. Actually, all these have small pieces of reliable science, and a whole bunch of junk science.

    And its the junk science that can get your body in serious trouble.

    Basically these were all concocted to sell you specially packaged foods. And books. And Videos.

    There are two key things you need to understand about “weight loss foods that can help you lose weight.”

    Foods you eat make you hungry.
    Foods you don’t eat make you snack.

    Now, no one who has something to sell is going to tell you either of those TWO FACTS. Chances are, you have never heard of those two foundational ideas.

    I have prepared two short narrated videos about these subjects, and Laura has linked them on her site. Make sure you check them out.

    You don’t need to watch them now, but make sure you do later. If you have questions or comments about them, please comment here, or on Laura’s form. I’ll make sure to respond to them.

  13. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Laura, could you post Video 2, that talks about this subject. I think it post just below Video 1, above, right?

  14. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Snacking is where most of us get 2/3 of the excess calories that make us gain weight.

    Why do we snack so much? Why do we always seem to snack on the worst foods?

    Laura, if you could post Video 3, it will help answer this important question.

  15. Boyd Jentzsch says

    MY QUESTION TO THE GROUP: How would you answer the question posed here: What foods you can eat to help weight loss?

    • Karen Hinkle says

      well that’s what I want to know but for me I do snake on the wrong foods chip instead of a apple or candy instead of banana I should be eating what you say only 3 meals a day and no snakes

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        Actually, it is OK to snack, as long as the foods are healthy…fruits and vegetables are best. Make sure you have naturally occurring fiber in your snack…which is what you get when you eat fresh F&V as snacks. Or raw unsalted nuts and seeds.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I do know that when I feel hungry I will sometimes snack on peanuts like cashews or I will eat a couple slices of turkey or ham.

  16. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Q: After cancer weight loss! HOW??? While taking tamoxifen!

  17. Boyd Jentzsch says

    A form Boyd: Tamoxifen is a very powerful pharmaceutical.

    One of things it does it kill all the good bacteria in your gut. You need these little bugs to repopulate your immunity system. And you need it as fast as you can.

    So, first, you need to get some good, live bacteria in you. To do that eat yogurt that has live bacteria. Look for brands that have at least 8 different strains.

    Kefir is an old world product you can get in your dairy case at the store. It tastes a lot like more liquid yogurt. But, it usually has 12 strains of the good bacteria. You can also find supplements that have them.

    I don’t recommend Activia, by the way, because, although they have some good bacteria in it, they have been developed to have short lives, so you need to keep retaking them.

    The best time to take them is before bedtime.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      live bacteria what is that I have been eating the greek yogurt I remember last week you telling me about the fruit it must be on the bottom

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        Yes, fruit is a kind of sugar, and live bacteria are killed by the sugars. The ones with fruit on the bottom have a thin gel on top of the fruit that keeps it separated from the yogurt.

  18. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Laura, could you post Video 3, if you haven’t already, please?

  19. Boyd Jentzsch says

    The other thing you need after cancer, is a lot of fiber.

    Look for products with soluble fiber. That will help you not only feed the gut bugs mentioned earlier, but it will also help you control your weight.

  20. Boyd Jentzsch says

    MY QUESTION TO THE GROUP: What have you heard about diet while taking anti-cancer drugs?

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I don’t know haven’t heard of that

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        The other factor is to eat as much organic food as your budget allows. You don’t need more chemicals after all the chemo drugs. I know that organic foods cost a bit more, but if you can afford it, do as much as your budget allows.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I don’t know either.

      • Boyd Jentzsch says

        The best thing is lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and uncooked. That is what is needed to de-toxify your body from the poisons of the chemo drugs. It gives your body a chance to re-build, instead of fighting the poisons.

        • Karen Hinkle says

          as a country girl we have a big garden and I freeze a lot for winter and I will stop eating prossed foods that’s a lot of information thanks for your time in doing this

        • Rebecca Swenor says

          I myself love fresh veggies more than cooked or processed veggie. I sometimes buy the fresh green beens, green pepper and baby carrots wash them to just snack on them

  21. Karen Hinkle says

    I just wathed all the video wow they are great information like you said about the milk and the babies is right on and loved the one about marshmello I got so much out of them they were great they helped me out a lot

  22. Boyd Jentzsch says

    Thank you everyone.

    Leave your additional comments here. I’ll get to them tomorrow. So be sure to come back and see your answers.

    Also, if you have different questions, be sure to use Laura’s form to ask them, so I can prepare for to answer them in advance.

    Please invite your friends to this weekly forum, and get their questions answered LIVE.

    Thank you everyone, and good evening.


  23. Karen Hinkle says

    thanks have a great evening

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