Summary to Remember: Lose the Weight Loss Battle. Do You Want the Top 5 Reasons?

Lose the Weight Loss Battle.  Do You Want the Top 5 Reasons? – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationIf you have battling your weight for years, it’s time to give up. Surrender. End the war

You lose trust in your judgement – things you thought were good for weight loss, were worthless

You have an amazing body. It feels great when you eat healthy and it knows when you feed it garbage

Drop your weapons of weight loss, and come home from your war. Come home to YOU

The war with your weight leaves scars that run deep

Are you a weight loss war veteran, you may ask? Seem like an extreme analogy? Absolutely not

Out of the weight loss war zone you will see the toll it took on you emotionally, and physically

Dieting is the #1 reason for long term weight gain – the more you diet, the more you will gain

Dieting disconnects you from your normal feelings of hunger, and fullness

Stop believing all the hype about the latest popular weight loss programs

Stop looking at short term weight loss as a valid form for evaluating weight loss programs

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