Making Love is the Antidote –Summary to Remember

Making Love is the Antidote – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationMaking Love is the Antidote. We eat emotionally. Then use rationality to justify it

Empty Heart = Empty Stomach. We eat too much because we get too little else in our lives

Food, especially food that is fattening and sugary, makes us feel comforted…until the first serving is gone

Eating to fill our hearts is not a rush into gluttony. It is a retreat into unfilled spaces

Men won’t allow themselves to acknowledge a connection between love and food, because they are men

Women, schooled by their mothers in the supremacy of privacy, can’t tell anyone their weight dissatisfactions

I Am Woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore…but’s let’s not talk about weight
Love can hurt. Love also heals. Making love can help overcoming our dissatisfaction with our weight

In our daily, overweight lives, we forget about making love – We go on a love-making diet

We become love-famished. Run on love-reserve, on love-empty. Are love-anorexic…become food indulgent

We eat too much, not because we love food more but because we feel less love
Make love more. Eat less. Feeding your empty heart? Making love is the antidote

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