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about your business get word outJust for you, and small businesses like yours, I have created a special place for you to GET THE WORD OUT about your special work, hobby, business, or craft.

Do you have any of these, you’d like to get the word out about?:
—Small business
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You name it…if it’s your life, passion, and personal endeavor, GET THE WORD OUT here, on Celebrate Woman Today.

If you are like most of us, it is difficult to find new people to talk to about your products or crafts or store — products you are passionate about. Here on my Celebrate site, we have tons of daily traffic from committed, passionate women. And who knows, you may have exactly what they need.

I know when I was just starting out it was really difficult to get the word out. And now I have been fortunate enough to have built a huge AND engaged audience, I want to give back by sharing that traffic with you. (I wish someone would have done that for me, in the beginning.)

My site gets thousands of FANS daily, 45,000+ fans coming over from Facebook alone, (and 20,000+ from Twitter) and OVER 10 PAGE VIEWS PER VISIT. MY FANS AVERAGE OVER 17 MINUTES PER VISIT!!! (Time on site really shows how ENGAGED my fans are on my site.) My fans will take the time to check out what you care about so deeply.

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Soooo, GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Advertise on my site and make it part of your business and passion.

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