Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

Finding Your Weight Loss “Why”

by Boyd Jentzsch

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The world doesn’t need another weight loss program.

The truth is — they all work.

The problem is not losing weight on them.

The real problem is everyone Re-GAINS lost weight. Then gain a few pounds more than when they first started.

why lose weightWeight loss programs make you Re-GAIN weight.

why lose weightMost Americans are 10 to 20 pounds overweight when they first tried a commercial weight loss program. They lose about 8 pounds. One year afterwards, they are 20 to 30 pounds overweight.
Weight loss customers attempt to lose weight 4-9 times with various weight loss programs. Each time, one year later, they weigh an extra 10 pounds.

As a result, Americans are an average of 30 pounds to 50 pounds overweight. Plus a HUGE and rapidly growing percentage of us are now 75 pounds to 100 pounds or more overweight.

The big name weight loss programs have been in business 30-40 years or more, with millions and tens of millions of customers having used their programs. Most of their customers are REPEAT customers. Which leads to a startling conclusion…


If weight loss PROGRAMS worked, we would all be skinny.

To the weight Re-GAIN companies you are a “repeat customer.” Fully 95% fail to keep the weight off as long as one year. So, their customers try it again. A REPEAT CUSTOMER is a polite way of saying their “weight loss” program failed to have you keep the weight off the first time.

If weight loss programs worked, you’d only have to do it one time.

Or, as a spokesperson for the biggest Re-GAIN Company testified under oath at a government hearing in London:
“Weight regain is an inevitable part of dieting, and most dieters put any weight they lose back on eventually. People have to get over the idea that you just diet once and that is it.”

Whew, isn’t that a bit shocking to you? They are publicly declaring that their program is only a short time remedy. Is that what you thought you were buying—a short term fix?

Weight loss programs are worthless for you long term.

But the admission of the weigh loss programs get worse…

why lose weight…In a report to its stockholders, the same WEIGHT Re-GAIN company noted above said it is proud that they have a very“high lifetime revenue per customer.” Meaning, most of their money is made from people who come back over and over…

Weight loss programs make most of their money from “repeat customers.”

With all those “repeat customers” the WEIGHT Re-GAIN companies are so proud of, you have to ask:

Are the Re-GAIN companies ignorant of the science of what causes their programs to create weight Re-GAIN? (If they are, you’d have to really worry about what they’re telling you to do to lose weight, wouldn’t you?) OR…

Are the Re-GAIN companies counting on you failing to stop your weight re-gain, so they can get you back next year, or the year after that? (Isn’t that the definition of evil?)

So, the WEIGHT Re-GAIN Companies are either IGNORANT or they are EVIL? Perhaps both. Which is it? (There is no other option…no other way to characterize what they are doing.)

– Isn’t that like shooting you in the foot, then charging to take you to the hospital?

– Any way you look at it, they always profit from the Re-GAIN they cause you.

To me, that’s just not right — incompetent or evil? Are those your only weight loss choices? You deserve better. All of us do.

The truth is, the world doesn’t need another weight loss program because weight Re-GAIN is the number one health problem in America.

The Re-GAIN companies don’t address it because their weight loss programs create the weight Re-GAIN problem in the first place.

why lose weight

With ALL THE KNOWN SERIOUS ILLNESSES THAT ACCOMPANY EXCESS WEIGHT, because they always cause weight Re-GAIN, the commercial weight loss programs are the cause, not the solution, of weight related illnesses.

In which case you can’t trust anything they are trying to sell you to put into your body. You need to steer yourself away from them…far away from them.

So what should you do? Start with Your HEART.
Weight loss programs all start in the wrong place — your body. They quickly get you doing things to rapidly change your body. That is why, in the end, they always fail.

The Weight Re-GAIN programs forget you have a brain. And a HEART, most of all.

why lose weight

Foremost, permanent weight loss runs through these, the grand motivators of your life. If a program doesn’t address these FIRST and every day along your path to less weight, it doesn’t matter what the programs tell you to do. Sooner or later you’ll just quit doing it. You’ll quit…which is what you and the vast majority end up doing. Right?

Start by rejecting the outworn and unproductive idea that weight loss is all about calories. It isn’t, not as the first step. Nor is it about lost pounds…

Weight loss is about being able to live your dreams. Today. And ten years from today.

When you reach out to live your dreams, to clarify and discover your “WHY”…
…why are you REALLY trying to lose weight…
…not only will you likely to stay on a program…
…but your are much more likely to keep the weight off permanently
…all those who love and depend upon you will also be benefitted

The world becomes a better, more joyous space for us all, when YOU are FULLY in it, achieving your dreams – not limited in some way by your excess weight.

Permanent weight loss, the kind that remolds your body and reshapes your life, BEGINS in your HEART.

When you are trying to lose 20 pounds or more, the challenges you face are many, and many faceted. It is much more than severely restricting your calories for several days.

Weight loss begins when you get out of bed in the morning, and ends when you go back to sleep at night.

In between, you will make countless choices that affect your weight. Some are obvious, like what you do or do not eat. Others are much less obvious, but still important factors in your weight loss, like how much sleep you get and how you handle stress.

why lose weightOf course it’s easy to lose weight if you are given a strict diet plan to follow, a box full of pre-prepared meals with your “personal choices and off-plan meals” to reduce the monotony.

The difficulty in a weight loss program is what do you do when it becomes too expensive to eat all those pre-packaged foods?

What do you do when you hit a weight plateau and can’t seem to break through it? What do you do when, despite your best efforts, you binge, or get depressed, or find yourself ravenously hungry?

It can all be daunting and discouraging. Right?

That is precisely why you have to begin your weight loss journey by tapping your deepest motivations, and building your weight loss plan with your “WHY” as the core.

Finding Your “WHY” on the Road to Weight Loss Success
You have to hold on tightly to a reason beyond pounds, a goal beyond weight to reach through the long hours and days, the endless weeks and nights of lonely endeavor. The solitary weight loss journey wears you down. The personal challenges don’t go away. Inevitable interpersonal conflicts don’t go away.

If you don’t know where your HEART wants to lead you — and know it clearly —  you will give up. Quit.

You have to first find your “WHY.” At some early point, to keep your weight loss efforts alive you will have to stop thinking about how much weight you are losing, or how much further you have to go…
…Why are you creating all of these difficulties for yourself?
…Until you get that far, your weight loss efforts will always be a struggle

At the point of transition, when your “WHY” magically overtakes and drives your daily motivation to drop pounds, you suddenly see you have evolved a lifestyle of purpose, of clarity, something you WANT to do.

Your WHY drives your NEED to do it daily, not to lose weight, but just because IT MAKES YOU FEEL RIGHT.

The moment of inflection, where you see yourself and your life differently than you have in many years, transformed, you will have created your NEW NORMAL… because you will have found your “WHY.” Weight loss will no longer be what you “do.”

Weight loss is the natural result of living out your “WHY.”

why lose weightCommitted to your WHY, you will finally cross the finish line. And every step between here and there you will find new wonder in living, a growing insight into life – delight in simple pleasures. You will discover a transformed you, a you that has always been there, a butterfly beginning to unfold it radiant wings. What kind of butterfly will you be?

On your road to permanent weight loss, first find your WHY.

With that bright assuredness flowing energy into your life, you will be able to discover the right way for you to lose weight, your way to trim the inches, your path to being healthier. (And you will certainly NOT need a WEIGHT Re-GAIN company to screw it all up.)

You will come to discover that…

When you grasp that deep inside yourself, you will have the insight to choose the right weight loss path for your body, every day…and every moment of every day.

Unlike your past choices for weight loss efforts, that clear understanding will not come from a desperation to find a miracle to lose weight.
– It will not be chosen because you have lost faith in your own judgment
– It will not be because you have failed with everything else

Your path to permanent weight loss will arise – can only arise – from the core of your new “WHY-infused” life.

why lose weightWith great confidence in yourself, you will know the right way to lose weight, because you will already be doing it.

Why do you want to lose weight? 
Share with us your weight loss “WHY”?

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-by Boyd Jentzsch

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Boyd, a recovering Attorney, turned to weight loss research 20 years ago when he lost his mother to the lifelong effects of obesity. He has spent the ensuing years searching the science, and formulating a comprehensive metabolic map of the body — the only complete map of its kind. The map reveals the causes and effects of obesity and related chronic lifestyle diseases. It shows the only proven pathways to preventing and losing excess weight. From that unique foundation, he and his team created a weight loss education program that has helped tens of thousands to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, they created innovative and fun fitness and nutrition education programs for elementary school children, proven to reduce the early bio-markers for childhood obesity. HEART PLAN is a collection of his observations over the years of the emotional impact and motivational challenges nearly everyone faces when trying to keep lost weight off permanently.

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  1. Jessica Peeling says

    I agree with this article completely! I am frustrated by the diet plans that inevitably lead others to a “crash weight loss”, only to regain it a year later. I am struggling to lose weight myself, but I am going to focus on making life changes, rather than adhering to one of those specific plans.

  2. I think perhaps people focus too much on weight loss and diets, when they should be focused on how they feel and what type of shape they are in. I have days where I feel like I could lose a few pounds, but usually it just means I need to hit the gym and tighten up- its all about your overall health.

  3. I am your typical yoyo diet exerciser. I like to lose the weight but i hate to go to the gym, so once i lose it i start to stay away from it.. in time i gain it back and them some.. i just need to make it a lifestyle not a fad for myself.

  4. I want to lose weight to look better in my clothes and also livea healthier life!

  5. Its a very good point about regaining the weight. I know I have an issue with that. I’ve found rather than dieting, it helps to have a good system of eating better choices. That has been the best thing for me.

  6. I want to lose weight for myself and my daughter. I want to be more active with her and live a long life with her.

  7. What a well written, thoughtful post. You covered just everything I could think of, and I have often wondered if people repeat their initial weight loss in the same way they did because bottom line, it worked. But like you’re saying, if they gained it back…did it really?? Good post for thought.

  8. What a well written, thoughtful post. You covered just everything I could think of, and I have often wondered if people repeat their initial weight loss in the same way they did because bottom line, it worked. But like you’re saying, if they gained it back…did it really?? Good post for thought.

  9. I have never really needed to lose weight in my adult hood but now that I am in my mid 40’s I have started gaining weight and need to stop and get back into my excersice routing

  10. Bonnie G says

    I’ve been on so many diets and some worked and some didn’t. This time my weight loss journey is my own, I’m not following any diet and I’m making better decisions.

  11. This is such a great article and I agree with it 100%!! Making good choices is the key to weight loss…not another diet!

  12. I’ve never tried a weight loss program; however, I wasn’t really diligent about keeping weight off after my kids were born. I lost the weight and kept eating for 2. Not a good plan!

  13. I don’t entirely agree with everything but it’s always interesting to read other people’s perspectives.

  14. I’m not a big fan of diet plans because they’re not realistic for long term living. When you deny yourself certain things, they become more desirable than they even were in the beginning.

  15. I agree with all that has been written up there–diet plans work until they don’t! It wasn’t until I developed diabetes that I finally lost weight–so I guess you could say it was for my health-except that it just came off by itself-now I am keeping it off!!

  16. Like the many commenters here, I agree with the idea that fad diets or any type of diets won’t work–unless you put your heart to it. Simply get the right balance of food and exercise will help boost weight loss. Also, there should be goals and encouragement/support by peers.

  17. I totally agree, even I have been trying to lose weight for quite some time but I’m not following any diet plans, and I never have.. I know that the best way to lose it forever is to eat a little less, and move a little more.. !! I am eating everything, which already is healthy and working out as well for the past 2 months.. and it’s working for me.. 🙂

  18. I was never the type to get into fad diets or weight loss programs. I prefer eating right and exercising at my own pace. 🙂

  19. Weight Re-Gain! Yes. We can lose it but I think if people don’t have systems in place they will end up the same way they were before and usually worse.

  20. Savannah miller says

    Re-gaining weight has always been an issue for me. I get to my “goal” wait and then just kinda start eating w/e I want again. It makes sense to get a system in place and stick to it.

  21. I agree that diets are just a short term bandaid and that usually people re gain. lifestyle changes is where the long term is located!

  22. I agree when you call it a “diet” it means that you only plan on following it for a short while. What people need is to realize they need an entire lifestyle change. Great article!!

  23. I want to lose weight because I have not lost all the gained weight from my 5 pregnancies.

  24. So true, regaining weight is the real issue. Thanks for the informative post.

  25. I have always gained the weight back after I have crash dieted

  26. I can attest to this. My first blog tells this exact tale. Having lost about 250-300 pounds from regaining over and over it’s all about making a choice to be healthy once and for all.

  27. Finding your why is such a great way to approach every goal in your life. Not the least of which is losing weight. Great piece.

  28. Wedding is on the cards… I am sure that reason is enough to lose weight :p

  29. I think that the weight loss programs that do not work are not so much because of the program itself, but because the people following them do not commit to them.

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