Comfort Foods Weighing On Your Scales?

HEART PLAN weight loss logoComfort Foods Weighing On Your Scales?
Ideas to weigh less – to live life more.

by Boyd Jentzsch

A key activity is to search for, experiment with, and enjoy new comfort and pleasure foods with your friends. Just make sure those new comfort foods don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts.

comfort food weight loss motivationDo the searching together together. That is the kind of support you can each use.

When you do that you will have, not only a new relationship with food, you will share new experiences with dear friends. And your weight loss efforts will continue uninterrupted.

Wouldn’t new comfort foods that don’t pack on the pounds make your day lighter?

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-by Boyd Jentzsch

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Boyd, a recovering Attorney, turned to weight loss research 20 years ago when he lost his mother to the lifelong effects of obesity. He has spent the ensuing years searching the science, and formulating a comprehensive metabolic map of the body — the only complete map of its kind. The map reveals the causes and effects of obesity and related chronic lifestyle diseases. It shows the only proven pathways to preventing and losing excess weight. From that unique foundation, he and his team created a weight loss education program that has helped tens of thousands to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, they created innovative and fun fitness and nutrition education programs for elementary school children, proven to reduce the early bio-markers for childhood obesity. HEART PLAN is a collection of his observations over the years of the emotional impact and motivational challenges nearly everyone faces when trying to keep lost weight off permanently.

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