The Truth About Successful Weight Loss

The Truth About Successful Weight Loss

Viva Weight Loss Wednesdays BannerNearly everything you have been told is wrong.

We all want to lose weight.
The truth is, most of us can. Just try any diet. Or weight loss product. You will lose weight — just before you gain it all back. Plus some. And that adding-on-pounds scenario comes after a long frustrating plateau. Right?

You see, you don’t need to learn how to lose weight. You are probably a veteran at that. What you need to know is how to keep it off. Does that sound about right?

It that seems remotely like you, Weight Loss Wednesdays are for you. Come here to discover the truth, the proven science behind how to lose weight successfully, and keep it off.

95% of fat is between your ears.
If you are having weight loss problems (and who doesn’t?)…

  • It’s not about what you don’t know…it’s not about learning something new…
  • It’s all about what you do know, that is wrong…absolutely wrong

Because what you know is keeping you fat.
Think about it…you have spent a lifetime learning how to lose weight, and you are still overweight…right? If you know all that stuff, and are doing the same thing over and over, and are still gaining weight, isn’t it possible you may have it all backwards?

Instead of listening to what you know…
Listen to what your body is telling you.

To lose weight permanently, you have to get rid of the 95% of fat that is between your ears — you have to unlearn what you know, and strike out in a whole new direction.

Consider what the science says…

  • What you eat makes you HUNGRY
  • What you DON’T EAT makes you snack
  • WHEN you eat can make you skinny
  • What you eat TOGETHER can make you fat
  • The FOODS YOU LOVE are killing you
  • What do sleep, stress, and love (giving and receiving) have to do with it?
  • Food is love (empty heart, empty stomach)?

Does anything on that list above sound remotely like what you have been taught? If more than one or two of them is not what you know…or is the opposite of what you have believed, Weight Loss Wednesdays are for you.

Weight Loss Wednesdays are about unlearning what you know, that is causing you to regain lost weight. It is about asking questions about what you already know, examining it in the light of proven science. It is all about helping you find a better way…a successful way, the right way to lasting weight loss in your body, and peace in your mind.

Are you ready for that? Are you prepared to unlearn, to learn anew, and in the process re-connect to your body? To listen to what your body is really telling you? To embark on a fun journey of discovery? (And in the process of following that path, discovering that it might lead straight to your heart?)

Are you ready to get started? Are you willing to ask your most difficult questions, and find refreshing new answers? Are you ready…?

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by Boyd Jentzsch

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  1. Karen Hinkle says

    I have been needing some great tips on weight loss I just got a Gazzel and a bike I have enjoed the gazelle but I need more ways to eat healthy thanks for doing this

  2. I wish I could lose weight!!

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