The No Regain Diet – Is It Possible In Weight Loss?

The No Regain Diet – Is It Possible In Weight Loss?

no regain diet weight loss

by Boyd Jentzsch, Guest Writer

Q: I want to lose 30-60 pounds in the next month or so. I’m already exercising in class. What is the best way to lose that amount?

A from Boyd: This is an excellent question. I get many inquiries like this one. Basically people want to know how to lose weight fast.

The difficulty is that the science is against losing that much weight, that fast. Not only are there a lot of health challenges created by that speed of weight loss, but it sets your body up for RAPID WEIGHT RE-GAIN.

“The Science of Weight Loss Nutrition” is a 90 minute seminar I give around the country. It starts out by explaining why rapid weight loss is the fastest way to regain lost weight, PLUS some extra pounds.

Laura, who has seen my Seminar, asked if I could create a short PowerPoint video about the dangers of rapid weight loss and present it here. I’ve created one, and narrated it.

The No-Regain Diet Video

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