Body Inflammation And Its Effects On Weight Loss – April 2 Weight Loss Wednesdays

April 2, 2014
Weight Loss Wednesdays
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Body Inflammation Effects Weight Loss

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Moderator: Boyd Jentzsch

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Why the Hidden Culprit in Weight Loss May be Killing You

Persistent, body-wide, low grade inflammation is the starting point for weight gain, as part of the Metabolic Syndrome, of Cardiovascular Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and Obesity.
This short presentation shows you how all that is linked to weight gain, and gives you the tools you need to lose weight, and keep it off.


It’s YOUR FRIEND: Your body’s natural defense mechanism to repair tissue damage
– Your immune system kicks in with white blood cells rushing to the site of injury

It’s YOUR ENEMY: Persistent, low-grade inflammation, overwhelms the body’s immune system, begins to attack even healthy tissue

PLUS, it also causes…?
– Arthritis, Dementia, Some Cancers, Irritable Bowel, Premature Aging, AND the 4 noted above
– Wears out your immune system

Video About Inflammation & Its Effects on Total Body

How do you know when you have it?
– Ask your Physician for a “C-RP Test”
– If you have an elevated reading, you are AT RISK
– Children as young as 8 known to have High C-RP

What causes Inflammation?
– Persistent Stress, Poor gut health, Food allergies
– Diet high in simple carbohydrates, refined sugars
– Lack of exercise
– Excess alcohol
– Too many animal products
– Sugary drinks (including fruit juices), HFCS
– Excess body fat

How do you prevent or treat it? Lifestyle change.
– Green Tea, Plenty of pure water, Fermented foods
– Moderate Exercise most days, Sunshine Vitamin D
– MORE Omega-3 (DHA), LESS Omega-6
– High Fiber (soluble/insoluble) hi plant-based diet
– Foods for GUT health, Pre- & Pro-Biotics
– Check for food allergies, esp. gluten, dairy, soy
– Good sleep & Lower stress

Looking at that LIST… NOTICE anything?
– When you eat that way…
– When you change your lifestyle that way to LOWER your Inflammation…


#1 Way to Prevent or Treat INFLAMMATION?

Fat Tissue CREATES ADDED Inflammation

Less Weight = LESS FAT = Less Inflammation

Control Your Inflammation. Control Your Weight.

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says

    Love this video it makes a lot of sense. Ty for the video. 🙂

  2. Jessica Parent says

    If you are on the slim side but don’t exercise regularly (nor drink, have a lot of animal products or food allergies) are you at the same Very high risk as say someone that is overweight but does exercise regularly ?

    • Celebrate Woman says

      What clinical studies show is that neither slim nor overweight people are exempt from inflammation development.

      Lifestyle changes, like foods, physical activity, peace of mind – all that could contribute to our lower levels of inflammation, thus, healthier bodies with lesser risk for diseases and more joyful lives.

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        I agree 100% because I am not that over weight and I know people with these things that are not over weight at all. Remember it can all be inherited also.

    • Sorry I didn’t get back to this earlier…I missed completing the answer.

      The key weight loss attitude, after deciding not to diet, it to accept that SLOW weight loss is the correct way.

      The idea that 2 pounds a week is WRONG. Anything over about a pound a week is going to cause you to (1) lower your metabolism, and (2) sets up the Starvation Reflex…making you REALLY hungry. And weight REBOUND IS A SURETY…YOU WILL GAIN IT ALL BACK. Plus, it will be harder than ever to lose the extra weight the next time because you’ll start out with a lower metabolism.

    • Jessica, the key question is, do you have persistent inflammation. Many things are a risk factor that can create it. It has been my observation that slimmer people can sometimes have high stress levels. If so, that is one of the worse kind of inflammatories caused by all the stress-cortisol hormones.

      So, get your C-RP tested, and see what it says. If you can’t do that, just ask yourself if you have high stress. If you do, use yoga, meditation, stress-breaks, and other strategies to lower it.

      • Jessica Parent says

        I’m definitely going to ask for a C-RP test when I see my doc after the baby is born . I do have a lot of stress (sometimes I am able to quickly relieve it,others nothing seems to help) and I do not exercise as much as I should (especially in the colder months). Thank you

  3. Mary Fagans says

    I was wondering something. I have Fibromyalgia, does that have any impact on Inflammatiom?

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Fibromyalgia IS the INFLAMMATION.

      • Mary Fagans says

        Oh my gosh!! WoW! I didn’t know that. My family doctor is the only one I see and he doesn’t know anything about Fibromyalgia and the one and only rhuemetologist~ (I know I butchered that, sorry) doesn’t accept my insurance, so I have to go on what my family doc can help me with and do research myself.

        • Rebecca Swenor says

          Wow that is totally absurd. If your doctor knows nothing about Fibromyalgia than tell doc to get informed and if they don’t than that won’t be a good doc. I had to travel about 50 miles to see the only rheumatoidologist that would take medicaid and medicare in my area. My doctor had me go to her for the official diagnoses. A lot of doctor don’t realize they have done more studies and found it is a real disease. I feel so bad for you. I hope you get a doctor that will treat you for this it is important to a good team to deal with this disease in all aspects of it.

  4. Mary Fagans says

    I have another question. What foods other than yogurt are fermented? I have a 17 year old son, and I would like to make sure he doesn’t fall into bad eating habits.

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Here are some powerful healthy options of Fermented foods:
      – Buttermilk
      – Kvass
      – Rejuvelac
      – Pickles
      – Kimchi
      – Tempeh
      – Miso Soup
      – Fermented Cabbage
      – Kombucha

      All are available in health food stores! All are super duper probiotic and lower inflammation in our bodies.

      I will be publishing DAILY on each of them here –>

      • Rebecca Swenor says

        Glad you said pickles but can that be the store bought pickles or homemade?

      • Mary Fagans says

        Thank you so much for answering all my questions, you are the best!!

      • Karen Hinkle says

        I just wnt to the page didn’t know it was there found it and have saved it I am going to try this for sure

      • Jessica Parent says

        Does it have to be fermented cabbage to be beneficial for inflammation ? (is there a process to fermenting it besides its own natural process)?

        • Natural cabbage fermentation uses a form of lactic acid, that lowers the acidity, and raises the calcium, and helps release the wonderful nutrients.

          All that is precisely what you want. And it is the traditional way to invigorate health, especially in the Winter.

          A French study a few years ago said the most complete life-giving food you could eat was sauerkraut juice.

          so, yes, it is GREAT in fighting inflammation.

    • Karen Hinkle says

      I can say hello to you all I am so happy to have this group of ppl here so we can support each other I have learned so much here and it makes me happy to have such great information that even your own DR don’t tell you so thanks

  5. Cynthia Dubuque says

    Being overweight is a big factor in a lot of problems and exercise is something that needs to be included in any weight loss plan. What do you do if you’re in too much pain to exercise?

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I believe you can put your mind to it knowing you have to do it as long as you are not going to injure yourself. You have to start somewhere even if it is a tiny bit a day because any lil bit helps. I sometimes literally have to crawl out of bed cause I hurt so bad. I figure I could just lay there and let the pain beat me or I can fight back. You never want to give up on anything. Everyone has it in there to fight.

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Not knowing what restrictions you have, hard to say.
      But… what can be done is Adapted Fitness routine for each individual.
      We could talk about it.

      Please go to the Weight Loss Wednesday here and put your Comment there! I’ll contact specialists with more details to your questions –>

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Check out this page for Exercises for people with different abilities.

      Plus, there’s a link to Richard Simmons book for 1 Cent on Amazon! Get it! It is a very credible book with info.

      • Do you have the name of the Richard Simmons book he has several on amazon..

        • Celebrate Woman says

          Reach for Fitness by Richard Simmons, it’s 1 cent on Amazon
          Link to the book is here

        • The Richard Simmons Book is:

          Reach for Fitness: A Special Book of Exercises for the Physically Challenged: Richard Simmons

          • Jessica Parent says

            I Love Richard Simmons- My mom lost nearly 100 lbs 19 yrs ago following one of his programs. He is such a sweet man in person too (She went on several retreats with him and he signed a book for me around the same time)

          • I even got hugged by Richard Simmons in the middle of his aerobic class at a conference. The woman behind me was jealous, as she didn’t get the hug. So, I shared some of the sweat he left on my. She was grateful.

          • Jessica Parent says

            ROFL Boyd 😀 I bet she was 😉

    • Raye Wiedner says

      I used to lead an exercise class at a facility with elderly and/or handicapped patients. We adapted exercises to the individual levels that each person could tolerate. After a few weeks, a lot of them could go further and do more with less pain. Start out very slowly with what you can handle, and add to it as you improve. Exercise can actually help alleviate some pain.

  6. Mary Fagans says

    I’m sorry but I have another question. If we exercise more, eat foods high in fiber, eat foods that are fermented, and we stay away from animal products and foods that have refined sugar in them, we can keep the inflammation under control, along with our weight?

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      I believe so and it can’t hurt to try.

    • Celebrate Woman says

      Yes, you are right!
      Of course you can splurge on desserts and stuff like that.
      The danger is making such foods a daily staple of a diet!

      An interesting fact… Clinical studies showed that people with bad diets, but who exercised, had lower inflammation levels in their bodies when compared to those with Bad diets and No exercise!

      So, you know where to start!

  7. Laurie Penman says

    I need to lose about twenty pounds……I’m trying to cut down on my intake and to boost my activity but it’s hard when I have severe foot issues right now. I need to have my feet operated on due to a mass inside my left foot and severe bunions. My insurance doesn’t cover podiatric care or surgeries….so I’m kinda stuck until my retirement package kicks in in January. So looking forward to getting some health issues addressed then!

    • Celebrate Woman says

      It is hard to do something with your foot not cooperating.

      What could be helpful is looking at your food choices, your overall diet, and see what could be done in that department first.

    • Rebecca Swenor says

      You can also try just doing upper body exercises because any movement counts and uses calories.

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Laurie, my daughter is wheelchair bound, but does upper body and core exercises. There is a lot you can do without standing, including working your legs. If you could find some ankle weights and do leg lifts, while sitting or lying down, you will still get benefits. I love my ankle weights, but also have foot problems, so I use them other than for standing exercises, and it’s really helped.

  8. Janice Dean says

    Stopping in to say hi and let you know I can’t make it tonight. Great topic though, as I am just starting my Spring weight loss now.

  9. Jacqueline says

    Thanks for all the wonderful info. This just goes back to eat pure and it will help you out alot!!!

  10. Cynthia Dubuque says

    I’ve had 2 laminectomies and am in need of a spinal fusion. I also have severe, permanent nerve damage in my right leg. I want to exercise but the pain stops me from being able to do any that allow me to lose any weight. Any suggestions?

    • Raye Wiedner says

      Cynthia, do you have access to a pool? Water exercise can help a lot with less stress on joints or your back.

      • Cynthia Dubuque says

        We do have a pool, Raye! As soon as it’s open for the season I’m going to try to get in it again.. Sometimes, movement in the water makes my nerve damaged leg cramp up 🙁 I’m a hot mess! lol Thank you so much for your suggestion! I’ll keep trying, who knows? It could be different this time 🙂

  11. Karen Hinkle says

    I had a question from last week about protein can u get to much and fiber can you take more then what is recommened

    • Karen, eat as much fiber as you can. No limit. In reality high fiber foods are very filling, so you will soon find your belly is full, but they also create signals that go from your gut to your brain to tell you you’ve eaten enough. So, don’t worry about bingeing on fiber. Our bodies grew up genome-wise eating almost nothing but fiber, and very little else, so go ahead chomp away.

    • As for protein, yes, there is a limit. The body recycles protein that is used to build cells with, so, we need less than you would expect. But eating too much protein is a big problem. Hyperproteinenemia is what that is called. It makes your body convert much of the excess into fat, and works hard to metabolize the rest. But that protein-burning function produces a lot of waste product, and that can build up in your body faster than it can be eliminated. Eat animal protein sparingly.

      • Karen Hinkle says

        well thanks that is real help full I just wanted to make sure I dint eat to much so I got it fiber here I come thanks for all the great advice

  12. Neko Sam says

    It helps if you eat healthy and drink a lot of water .and also good to walk a lot even go to the mall Just to walk around.

  13. cindy pouncey says

    I would like to lose 100 pounds. I drink lots of water but do not exercise. It is hard at my weight. What would be the best way to get started.

    • All weight loss efforts, whether for 100 pounds, or 20 pounds, should begin in the same place…DON’T DIET.

      • Sorry I didn’t get back to this earlier…I missed completing the answer.

        The key weight loss attitude, after deciding not to diet, it to accept that SLOW weight loss is the correct way.

        The idea that 2 pounds a week is WRONG. Anything over about a pound a week is going to cause you to (1) lower your metabolism, and (2) sets up the Starvation Reflex…making you REALLY hungry. And weight REBOUND IS A SURETY…YOU WILL GAIN IT ALL BACK. Plus, it will be harder than ever to lose the extra weight the next time because you’ll start out with a lower metabolism.

  14. What do you do when you don’t have enough time for exercise.. I have 2 babies at home 18 mos and 6 mos.. and I blog full time… I have no one to help me in the daytime with the kids…so I have to wait until evenings to work.. and in the day time I have tried getting both on the same schedule but they wont do it.. so I can’t leave the house to take a walk.. and at home I have to be carrying on one of them all the time.. so I find it hard to do anything but take care of them.. and of course because of this my diet suffers A LOT.. is there any suggestions that you all can offer…

    • Carmen, your question is one I get a lot. And it is not just a problem with busy moms…many people, perhaps most find it difficult to exercise enough because of challenging schedules.

      • So, first you have to decide if you really want to exercise…is it something that is an imperative to you? If it is, that is your starting point.

        • As a busy CEO/Executive I had similar problems fitting in the time for myself, with all the horrible hours and and family responsibilities. One day, on vacation with my family in Hawaii, i was rushed to the hospital…not a good way to see Waikiki…nor a cheap way.

          • I was confronted with my extra weight, my stress, my lack of exercise, and I was doing it “all for the family” but there I was, in the hospital, and my family gathered around an emergency bed.

            I found the time. I did a hundred different things, and I found things that finally worked. I lost 60 pounds over a year, and now run a 5K most days of the week.

            My body is just as much a priority as all my other responsibilities now. That is how I begin my day.

    • You have to make time to workout.. I have 4 kids, a blog & a business.. throw on a youtube workout, some cardio is better than no cardio.. taking the kids on a walk, simply playing outside with the kids. There’s a lot of good ones on Fitness Blender, those are my favorite. But if you don’t set time a side to do it, it wont happen.

  15. Melissa A. says

    I would like to know if there is a connection between inflammation, hormone imbalance and high cortisol levels and how to correct this, especially after 45.

    • Cortisol is a sign of high stress. It is a MAJOR cause of inflammation. It is one of the reasons that high-cortisol people are very susceptible to many other serious diseases. You need to get that under control. besides setting you up for heart problems, it sets your body up for a host of problems you’ll not want to deal with.

      • So, deal with your stress. It can kill you…even if it does it slowly.

        • Actually women have it better than men when it comes to stress hormones killing them. Men just have a quick heart attack and die.

          Women have a stroke, then another one, then another one. So, they die slowly, bit by bit. So which do you choose?

          Deal with your stress before it deals with you…and there is no appeal form what it WILL do to you.

          • Rebecca Swenor says

            I literally believe that. Keeping stress levels down can be so much better for you mentally and physically.

  16. Good evening everyone, this is Boyd, your Weight Loss Wednesdays Guest Moderator

    Happy to have you all here.

    I see some questions were posted earlier. Anyone have a question they want to get started with, to kick off the evening?

  17. Rebecca Swenor says

    I have a question on the animal products. How much is to much? I am kind of sorry to say that I have always been a meat lover.

    • Your body needs quality protein to maintain several vital functions. If it is red animal meat, limit it to 6 oz a day, at most. a bit more if it is white meat. And 10-12 ounces if fish.

      Be careful the source of all meats and fish. Range-fed is going to give you less hormones. Beef, chicken, turkey are grown on farms in small crowded spaces that are highly stressful to the animal. (And you know how good stress is for your body, right?)They are also fed a lot of growth hormone. Worse, beside tranquilizers for the chickens and turkeys…yes they do that… they feed all those animals anti-biotics. Why? It makes them gain a lot of weight quickly.

      • The health difficulty is that the stress hormones, the growth (fattening) hormones, and the antibiotics, all end up in the meat you eat. And these are definitley BAD for you, especially when you ingest all that regularly.

      • Jessica Parent says

        Im not a meat lover myself (except occasionally chicken and fish) Besides nuts and eggs, can you tell me what other foods are high in protein?? I feel I’m lacking

        • High protein…?

          Greek yogurt is how some people do it…it has twice the protein as regular yogurt.

          but that is a small solution.

          • Jessica Parent says

            Lol- Its doesn’t have to be high protein I’m happy with quality protein too (but do not like greek yogurt at all) Thank you

  18. Quinoa, chia, and black or brown rice, and most of the ancient grains are excellent sources. Those are greart places to start. Don’t over cook them.

    • A word about soy…

      Soy has a lot going for it. But, it also has a lot of female hormones…not helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

  19. Milk, whey, and and dairy products generally have a lot of protein. But, you have to look out for fat calories.

    Many people especially those with ancestors from high northern latitudes, African Americans, and Latino, have mild to severe allergies from milk. If you get a lot of gas, or your face breaks out for no reason, and you consume a lot of dairy, you may have a dairy allergy.

    • Jessica Parent says

      Thank you -that is all good to work with (and love most dairy products). I’m currently not trying to lose weight (just entering my 9th month of pregnancy and am a healthy weight before and now) but have struggled with weight gain and loss since I was 13

  20. wendy c g says

    Great information, we eat lots Greek yogurts, we try be active everyday.

  21. Karen Hinkle says

    wow such good advice I learn something new every time I am here wow why don’t our Dr tell us about all the great information well any ways we have u and I am learning and taking all you are saying to heart thanks for helping us all

  22. Libbi Cooksey says

    I have been on Adkins since dec 29th and have lost over 30 lbs. I feel better have almost completely stopped drinking soda and starting to exercise. Feeling great!!

    • Atkins is a great way to lose weight. BUT, it can come back to haunt you.

      Studies show that for the first 6 months Atkins is the fastest way to lose weight. BUT…BUT, nearly everyone who goes on it gains it all back withing 12-18 months, plus some.

      The problem is that the body likes to burn lots of protein, and metabolizes fat in the process…so far so good.

      But, you cannot sustain a healthy body with just protein. As soon as you reintroduce other foods, your body will (1) make you suddenly ravenously hungry. (2) force you to eat more and more carbs, and (3) store most of the carbs as fat, to replenish the lost fat.

    • There are physical factors that play a role in the process of losing weight, such as diet and exercise. For example, diet alone can be effective for short-term weight loss but will not be beneficial for long-term maintenance. Instead of being able to just stick to a diet and get there, you have to work at it persistently. And when you work at it persistently, you’ll see long-term effects from your efforts:
      What’s the most important thing when it comes to losing weight? Exercise! The more you do it consistently, the more pronounced the effect will be.

  23. Atkins is NOT a sustainable diet. It puts a lot of cholesterol into the body. Dr. Atkins himself died with advanced arterial damage when he died. Sad.

    You need to work really hard to make sure you are eating a lot of vegetables, preferably raw, on that diet, all during the time you are doing it. You MUST stay away from starchy carbohydrates the entire time you are on Atkins, and for at least 6 months after you get off…otherwise you will compromise all you have lost.

  24. Starchy carbohydrates you need to avoid: anything with wheat, rice, potatoes, carrots, pasta, breads, cookies, etc.

  25. Karen Hinkle says

    oh I didn’t know that carrots are not good and if u were to eat bread what one should I eat

    • Carrots are great. Raw. Cooked, they turn to sugar (high glycemic).

      Eat tons of carrots. Raw, or very lightly steamed, and then only after they have cooled.

  26. It is exceedingly rare for anyone to lose more than about 5 pounds a month for them NOT to gain it all back, plus some. It doesn’t matter the reason or method you lost weight…you WILL gain it back.

    I met Dr. Atkins many years ago just before his demise. I also attended the National Obesity Conference at Williamsburg of the Top 200 weight loss experts in the country. His representative was there, as he had just died. NOT a single doctor or weight loss expert backed up his claim as being healthy.

    He made over a hundred million dollars selling his stuff, and never once produced a study to prove it was healthy…nor that users would not regain…they do.

    Be careful, please. Atkins has been a sure way to lose weight. And gain it all back plus an extra 10 pounds or more.

  27. Libbi,

    Take a look at this video I made for this site:
    It explains the problem with fast weight loss.

    I want you to be healthy. Fast to lose is fast to regain.

  28. Thank you everyone.

    Please send any other questions where Laura has provided.

    I’ll have some new articles for you over the next week.

    Send your friends and followers to ask questions, and itneract with us live next week on the next Weight Loss Wednesday.

    Good night.

    Boyd, signing off.

  29. Karen Hinkle says

    have a great night see you next week

  30. Very interesting information-I will be researching all this some more-it has me intrigued.

  31. Walnuts are great! I love this subject. Seems like everyone I know is having a problem with inflammation.

  32. “Persistent Stress” – uh-oh, that’s me, lol! Losing weight is definitely such a help with health.

  33. Let me tell you, inflammation can totally pack on the pounds! When I had preeclampsia (which I know is a different matter, but still, go with me here), I gained 35 pounds in a week. 35 pounds of inflammation and swelling. I lost that 35 pounds in a week after having my son, but it just goes to show that inflammation can pack on pounds.

  34. I’ve cut all meat, chicken, and fish from my diet and really noticed I felt so much better – especially without the red meat. I also have stopped drinking cow’s milk (dairy upsets my stomach) and enjoy almond milk now. I’m working on cutting carbs – which is my weakness. I love drinking green tea and fiber rich food for health! Thanks for this post.

  35. I hadn’t really thought about this before, so I’m glad you brought it up. Great info here.

  36. Great post, I’m really trying to eat more green goodness in my diet and that of my family.

    Also the comments on this post are fascinating as well!

  37. I deal with inflammation in my knee! I didn’t know that inflammation could be a good thing. Thanks for your article!

  38. I would love my weight loss to stick.. it is a hard thing to keep it going..

  39. I do a lot of the bad stuff on the list but I also do all the good stuff! I guess that helps for now;)

  40. I try to avoid reading into weight loss too much, because I always sike myself out, but I am definitely trying to lose weight in a healthy manner.

  41. So much great information. I didn’t know stress causes inflammation.

  42. I had no idea bout the effects of inflammation! Thank you for sharing.

  43. We should learn to treat inflammation effects in weight loss to prevent further damage.

  44. Chasity Boatman says

    Atkins is not a good diet. No diet is a good diet. Healthy eating and exercise.

  45. There are a lot more people talking about inflammation these days. Thanks for the info.

  46. I am happy with my diet, and I do need more sleep and more water. Thank you for the reminder!

  47. Thanks for the video. Enlightening and inspiring I will resume my mornign run tomorrow.

    Just got back from holidaty and slacking it. I lost two kg and I hope to keep it at bay =)

  48. The causes and prevention highlights my need to take more care of myself, I also need to invest in Green Tea too. I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing x

  49. What are some ways that you would suggest someone with chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis fight against inflammation besides just losing weight?

  50. I don’t drink nearly enough water. I need to start drinking more.

  51. This is great information!! I need to watch what I put in my body and definitely get moving!

  52. Oh! It’s like speaking very loudly to me! I know I’ve got poor gut health too.I’d love to have another baby but scared because I’m not that healthy and I’m getting a little older too.

  53. SLOW weight loss is the correct way….I remember a trainer told me —it took you months and months of bad habits to put the weight on-noe we’ll have month and months of BETTER CHOICES to trim down!

  54. Does water retention affect inflammation?

  55. Very interesting article. I recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Next time I go for blood work I’ll ask the doc to do the C-RP Test and see what happens. Thanks for the information!

  56. Great information! And very uselful for me personally!

  57. Interesting video! Lots of information too. Losing weight is not always easy but the more you know about how your body works the better you will be able to get rid of the weight!

  58. I want to lose 100lbs.. my body is fighting me though.. I totally have inflammation in my knees though.. I have insomnia, 4 kids, full time blogger and graphic designer, but I set aside an hour to do at least some cardio.. I do some cardio youtube videos I have.. when my husband is home, I’m able to hit our gym in the spare room in the backyard.. but yeah this is a good article.

  59. very informative and helpful!! it is very nice reading informations like this in my daily basis

  60. The weight loss industry is a well-funded, data-driven industry. But its not just any old data-driven industry its one that is driven by the science of weight loss, nutritional supplements, and medical interventions. In this talk I will look at how these companies are using a hidden but very real causative factor in weight loss to sell weight loss products and medical interventions.

    The Hidden Culprit in Weight Loss Could Be Killing You Persistent, body-wide, low grade inflammation is the starting point for weight gain, as part of the Metabolic Syndrome, of Cardiovascular Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and Obesity.

    This short presentation shows you how all that is linked to weight gain, and gives you the tools you need to know about (or hopefully avoid) these hidden culprits in your diet and lifestyle.

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