The Wrong Weight Loss Strategy Overcomes Your Will Power

HEART PLAN weight loss logoThe wrong weight loss strategy overcomes your will power.
Ideas to weigh less – to live life more.

by Boyd Jentzsch

loss motivationSuccessful weight loss is not just about commitment or will power. It’s all about NOT using the wrong weight loss strategy. Mentally. Emotionally. And food-wise.

Weight loss strategies that leave you hungry as a hippo all day, are going to end up with you eating more than you should at some point. Then you are likely right back where you started from.

Would choosing the right weight loss strategy make your day lighter?

HEART PLAN weight loss logo

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heart plan weight loss

-by Boyd Jentzsch

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Boyd, a recovering Attorney, turned to weight loss research 20 years ago when he lost his mother to the lifelong effects of obesity. He has spent the ensuing years searching the science, and formulating a comprehensive metabolic map of the body — the only complete map of its kind. The map reveals the causes and effects of obesity and related chronic lifestyle diseases. It shows the only proven pathways to preventing and losing excess weight. From that unique foundation, he and his team created a weight loss education program that has helped tens of thousands to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, they created innovative and fun fitness and nutrition education programs for elementary school children, proven to reduce the early bio-markers for childhood obesity. HEART PLAN is a collection of his observations over the years of the emotional impact and motivational challenges nearly everyone faces when trying to keep lost weight off permanently.

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  1. That’s nice that they offer it for free. So many people charge for weight loss advice.

  2. I try not to just lose weight, but make changes that are for life. Sometimes I diverge and just need to get back to the basics of clean eating.

  3. You are correct..i am always on the wrong weight loss program.. i am going to give a new one a try and hopefully change some things around in my life.

  4. Lifestyle changes are the best way to lose weight. You are more likely to stick with it instead of yoyo dieting.

  5. My husband and both would like to shed some unwanted pounds. This sounds like a good plan.

  6. It really is important to have a strategy in place for long term success; it’s too easy to crash diet and then bounce back and forth.

  7. Great that’s it free. Lifestyle changes and the watching what you eat are important. When I was around 22 , I ate horrible. Pizza, hot pockets, soda, chips, fast food, etc. I decided to cut out soda right away and.lost some weight. I then stopped eating fast food, processed food and felt better and lost weight. Now I only drink water, eat lots of veggies, fruit, beans.

  8. Great tip to remember! I need to find the RIGHT plan and stick to it instead of yo yoing

  9. Advice from someone who’s managed to stick with it successfully is always easier to listen to. Great article!

  10. I tried so many weight loss programs but in the end – always end up back at Clean Eating.

  11. I’m trying to get on the right track but you are right. There are so many programs to choose from.

  12. My boyfriend who does not enough willpower to lose weight will benefit from reading this article. It’s really hard to be obese and have heart problems.

  13. Healthy is a lifestyle…it’s hard to be consistent if you’re not..but you get out what you put in.

  14. Weight loss isn’t about losing weight. It’s about correcting your lifestyle to suit your weight goal.

  15. i’m on a very strict diet that i have to follow due to my medical conditions.

  16. Great post! I’ve been a fatty my whole life, and I can say from experience that the wrong diet can definitely do more harm than good. I’ve managed to get 20 pounds off and keep it off by not dieting at all. I just try to limit the amount of crap that I eat.

  17. Thats really great thats its free, we need more things like this for sure!

  18. I tend to get exactly that. Starve myself and then end up eating twice as much. If there was really something out there that can truly help me, I would absolutely go for it!

  19. I’m all for weight loss programs that work! Sounds promising. 🙂

  20. This sounds like a wonderful plan. I’m still trying to shed a few pounds.

  21. This makes such a good point. Sometimes it more about how people are trying to lose weight that needs careful planning. Weight loss is all around process.

  22. Not all programs work but some people need to try different things before finding the right solution for them.

  23. arg. i can take it off, but can’t seem to KEEP it off. BLAH!

  24. Melissa Smith says

    This sounds like a really good plan. Losing weight is all about lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

  25. I can only be successful with Weight loss if it can fit into my current lifestyle. Otherwise I am setting myself up for failure.

  26. Such great words of wisdom. Having the right strategy is key, especially emotionally. I’ve found that I always have the best results in keeping up with my health routine when I tell someone what I am doing and when they support me. It makes me accountable to someone other than me.

  27. Fathima Syedali says

    Proper diet planning and basic excercises are important to maintain yourself with out further regain, or else it leads to obesity and other chronic diseases. ‘Heart Plan’ helps to know a lot about weight loss program and also helps in getting a perfect nutrition plan.

  28. What a great weight loss plan. I could use to lose a few myself. It’s nice that they offer free help. I bet more people would sign up for this program then.

  29. Diet has to be life changing or it will only be temporary. Thanks for sharing this.

  30. OH my gosh, the ad made me laugh. I did gain a few pounds over the summer. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around, and you gain in the winter!

  31. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Loved the Hippo picture. That’s certainly how I feel sometimes. The little lifestyle changes are definitely the way to go, but it can be so hard. I think the motivation is what is harder to have and keep throughout the journey on the way to health!!

  32. Thanks for sharing

  33. I am always on the wrong weight loss diet. I am just getting back from vacation and as usual have gained about 10 lbs. I do realize diet and healthy living has to be a way of life. I love the picture of the hippo that is just how I feel sometimes. This plan sounds great!

  34. Heart Plan sounds like the diet for me after 2 weeks in Rome I am ready to start living a more healthy life and eating better. I am always on the wrong diet!

  35. I like the fact that he is offering this as a free trial. Weight loss is all about making incremental lifestyle changes.

  36. This sounds very interesting heart health is very important I have found that mindful eating has been paramount in losing weight and keeping it off.

  37. It’s so important to have a good relationship with food, because that’s the only way to make the changes necessary for long-term weight-loss success!

  38. I have seen many, they lose weight while on weight loss but gain as soon as they leave their weight loss plans. One must need to choose their weight loss plans carefully and do them in a healthy way

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