Foreword WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS Begins in Your Heart

Foreword WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS Begins in Your Heart – Summary To Remember

weight loss motivation in weight lossPermanent weight loss remolds your body & reshapes your life.

Weight control begins when you get out of bed, ends when you sleep.

What to do when it’s too expensive to eat prepared diet foods.

What to do when you hit a plateau and can’t breakthrough?

Getting stuck on the road to weight loss happens to everyone

Getting weight unstuck depends on your sense of of self-worth

Losing a lot of weight is when you likely detour to failure

Dieting is the prime cause of weight gain

Your future weight is tied to how you feel about it today

The battle for your weight is not in what you put in your mouth

Your weight loss success lies buried deep within your heart

Your heart IS your weight loss plan

Your HEART PLAN is the courage to transform your weight

In the end weight loss is really all about you being you

Weight loss is NOT about calories, food, or diets. It is about YOU

Permanent weight loss? Transforming to meet your secret dreams

Your life-vision is the source for your transformative weight

Live life. Love yourself. Permanent weight loss results naturally

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