Summary To Remember – Weight Loss Motivation – Remember the Alamo!

Weight Loss Motivation – Remember the Alamo! – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationDeep inside you, the Alamo plays out in silent drama. You are trapped at a weight that drains you

It is difficult to know what to change, what to do differently to lose weight and keep it off

Surrounded by reasons for joy, still, the future weight and health of your body can feel foreboding

When you fail to keep the weight off, move forward in spite of it. Use defeat as your rallying cry

Quit believing all the failed-truths you’ve been told by the weight loss industry and the press

Everyone who follows the recommendations of the weight loss companies fails to keep the weight off

YOU have NOT failed. The weight loss companies HAVE FAILED YOU

Weight loss companies fail to deliver to you the truths that lead to lasting weight loss

REMEMBER, all that you need inside you to lose weight permanently, you have already – since birth

Victory in long term weight loss comes after your defeat. It arises from your beautiful heart core

Overcome opposition to weight loss – there is always a way. You are life. YOU WILL FIND A WAY

Do NOT be anyone’s REPEAT weight loss customer

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