Summary to Remember – Overweight? Blame It on Mom.

Overweight? Blame It on Mom – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationAsk why you eat the way you do. The most surprising answer to that is “Mom made me do it”

Your Mom saw her job as passing on the diet wisdom of her mother, and her grandmother-they may be wrong

If you remember carefully, you’ll see how you “caught” your food habits early in your young life from Mom

You get most of your eating habits from your Mom…and the rest in reaction to her’s

How stupid was I? I wasn’t hungry. Still I ate. And ate some more. Then I realized, “Mom made me do it”

Have you ever felt compelled by a mysterious force to eat in ways that you know are not best for you?

The key understanding about eating healthy is freeing yourself from hidden, powerful eating compulsions

To develop healthier eating habits, you MUST first be mindful

Make yourself aware of WHY you are eating, HOW, WHEN you are eating, even the SPEED you eat

You need a “diet of ideas” to eliminate “caught things” that push your hunger outside your conscious control

The Mom in YOU is passing on YOUR “caught” food habits to your kids and grandkids. It that what you want?

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