Summary to Remember – How NOT to Lose Weight – Starving, so your kids can eat

How NOT to Lose Weight –  Starving, so your kids can eat – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationHow NOT to lose weight – starving so your kids can eat

With no credit and no cash to feed her kids, Ramona felt she had no other choice but to leave her kids home alone

Two pre-school kids home alone – a TV set for a babysitter – Ramona could only pray her children would be safe until grandma arrived

For America’s hundreds of thousands on food stamps, food banks supplement meager cupboards – a last resort

At the end of the month after the food stamps were gone, food “shopping” consisted of whatever was available at the food bank

In most states 1 in 6 American kids is “food insecure” – their parents don’t know where their next meal is coming from

“Starving so your kids can eat is the surest way I know to gain weight,” said a food bank shopper

Eating less is not a weight loss strategy for many. It is survival – saving the food you would eat so your children can eat

When you overeat by just a little, you gain a little, steadily. When you eat a little less regularly, you lose weight, steadily

Eating less  to lose weight healthily is being aware of not only what you put in your mouth, but how much

Losing weight is a mindful choice you make one bite at a time. Voluntary “diet” starvation is an act of desperation

If you would like to help feed a family through challenging times, donate to your local food bank, or

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