Summary to Remember – Get Unstuck – or Lower Your Expectations for Weight Loss

Get Unstuck – or Lower Your Expectations for Weight Loss – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationYou have to find a reason beyond food to weigh less. You need a counterweight to your hunger

Without a reason beyond food to lose weight, you get stuck. And keep getting stuck

Have you ever wondered why you successfully lose weight, then gain it all back later?

When you treat weight loss as a problem with a bundle of calories, you’re going to get stuck

The motivation of weight loss customers is what drives successful weight loss-not supplements or diets

As you invest in the lives of others that you love, you sacrifice pieces of your dream & gain weight

The average person tries 7-9 times to lose weight before they finally succeed

Successful weight loss becomes a lifestyle ONLY because something CHANGES inside you FIRST

To lose weight permanently your body needs to come first-YOU need to be a priority

How are you going to be there for THEM in the future, if you can’t avoid excess weight diseases NOW?

To lose weight successfully, and keep it off permanently, you have to get unstuck

When you let your beauty shine, you have a counterweight to food-your path to permanent weight loss

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