Quiet the Ghost in Your Genes – Summary to Remember

Quiet the Ghost in Your Genes – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationIf you can’t blame your Mom for your surging appetite how about blaming your Grandma?

If you are many pounds overweight it’s probably the fault of your genes. What do you do now?

Your fat-building genes are actually great genes. If it weren’t for them you wouldn’t be here

You have “fat building” genes passed on by successive generations of “Fat-in-the-Fall” women

If you are overweight in every season, chances are, you are a Fat-in-the-Fall woman, too

If NO to fasting 3 Winter months, to pare down a deliberately over-stuffed bikini, what can you do?

Grandma’s meals created lots of fat – for healthy babies. Eat her way to end up at Weight Watchers

Your family’s eating culture insured generations of fat babies, but it is making you fat today

Quieting the fat-ghosts in your genes means less weight. Ready for that?

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