PART 4 of 5: Start Here — Finding Your Weight Loss “Why”

PART 4 of 5: Start Here — Finding Your Weight Loss “Why”

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Of course it’s easy to lose weight if you are given a strict diet plan to follow, a box full of pre-prepared meals with your “personal choices and off-plan meals” to reduce the monotony.

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The difficulty is what do you do when it becomes too expensive to eat all those pre-packaged foods?

What do you do when you hit a plateau and can’t seem to break through it? What do you do when, despite your best efforts, you binge, or get depressed, or find yourself ravenously hungry?

It can all be daunting and discouraging. Right? Which is precisely why you have to begin your weight loss journey by tapping your deepest motivations, and building your weight loss plan with your WHY as the core.

Finding Your “WHY” on the Road to Weight Loss
You have to hold on tightly to a reason beyond pounds, a goal beyond weight to reach through the long hours and days, the endless weeks and nights of lonely endeavor. The solitary weight loss journey wears you down. The personal challenges don’t go away. Inevitable interpersonal conflicts don’t go away.

If you don’t know where your heart is leading you — and know it clearly —  you will give up. Quit.

At some early point, to keep your weight loss efforts alive you will have to stop thinking about how much weight you are losing, or how much further you have to go.

You will first have to find your “WHY.” Why are you creating all of these difficulties for yourself? Until you get that far, your weight loss efforts will always be a struggle.

At the point of transition, when your WHY magically overtakes and drives your daily motivation to drop pounds, you suddenly see you have evolved a lifestyle of purpose, of clarity, something you WANT to do.
You now NEED to do it daily, not to lose weight, but just because IT MAKES YOU FEEL RIGHT.

The moment of inflection, where you see yourself and your life differently than you have in many years, you will have created your NEW NORMAL… because you will have found your “WHY.” Weight loss will no longer be what you “do.”

Weight loss is the natural result of living out your “WHY.”

Start Here — Finding Your Weight Loss “Why”
PART 4 of a 5 Part Series.
See the continuation of this chapter, in Part 5.

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by Boyd Jentzsch
Boyd, a recovering Attorney, turned to weight loss research 20 years ago when he lost his mother to the lifelong effects of obesity. He has spent the ensuing years searching the science, and formulating a comprehensive metabolic map of the body — the only complete map of its kind. The map reveals the causes and effects of obesity and related chronic lifestyle diseases. It shows the only proven pathways to preventing and losing excess weight. From that unique foundation, he and his team created a weight loss education program that has helped tens of thousands to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, they created innovative and fun fitness and nutrition education programs for elementary school children, proven to reduce the early bio-markers for childhood obesity. HEART PLAN is a collection of his observations over the years of the emotional impact and motivational challenges nearly everyone faces when trying to keep lost weight off permanently.

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says

    You have to try to understand yourself emotional to being trusting yourself I believe. Trust in ones self is a huge part of success.

  2. This is so true. I love this series. Thank you for all the info!

  3. lisa jones says

    Thank You For The Great Information And Tips I Need To Check This Out!

  4. Thank you for sharing, its true that you can’t always afford those prepackaged foods. Sometimes full of bad ingredients and chemicals as well or go for the even more pricey meals with whole foods. However, making healthy at home can cost so much less and you can set them up on one day and make meals for the week to reheat. Save cash and takes no time during your week to prepare a good meal for the family. Great post

  5. Very interesting and very true! Thank you very much for this post!

  6. I agree that you have to find a reason other than looking good to lose weight.

  7. This is a very important step in weight loss. So true. I think it’s important to know truly why when starting a weight loss journey.

  8. I do great when given diets.. It is when i am off that is the problem. Now i am on my own plan and doing fine!

  9. Great series!!

  10. Hitting a plateau is always frustrating. My sister has a degree in kenesiology and she told me to eat a really fattening meal. She warned me I’d gain a pound or two at first, but that it would jump-start the weight loss again and she was right!

  11. Yes! So true. You have to get to the root of the problem before it can be fixed. I’m just catching up now, but this is a great series!

  12. So really have to be sure that you are determined to do it and that is the only way that you can suceed.

  13. Great article! I think this would be encouraging and enlightening for my mom to read. I’ll pass it onto her. Thanks!

  14. You definitely can’t solve a problem by putting a bandaid over it. Getting to the root of the problem is key.

  15. I agree about weight loss being in your heart. It’s something you truly have to want.

  16. I’d really love to dig into the whole series and find out what’s there in basket for me. Thanks for the article. You’re awesome. 🙂

  17. I guess the start of weight loss is discipline and needs a lot of consistency and hard work.

  18. very nice program to those people who wants to lose weight. the key is to stay focus and make sure that one person is determind to do it

  19. So true! I always felt like I was always motivated if I knew why I was doing it. You have to have purpose.

  20. Knowing your “why” is huge. It’s what keeps you motivated through the hard times.

  21. Very true.. You have to find a reason to lose weight that can become your motivation and inspiration.

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