Summary to Remember – Losing Weight and Losing Your Panties on the Courthouse Steps

Losing Weight and Losing Your Panties  on the Courthouse Steps. – Summary to Remember

weight loss motivationLosing weight can cause you to lose your panties on the Courthouse steps – just like Leila

Strange things happen, when you’re losing weight, that can call into question how you view your body

Like Leila losing her panties on the courthouse steps, the effect of losing weight can be surprising

When you look in the mirror you don’t see yourself. You see who you used to be. Or how you want to be seen

Friends and closest intimates don’t see the “real” you, when you’ve lost weight

You don’t see your bottom when you look in the store mirror trying on new jeans after losing weight

When you don’t see your real body size, it is easier to go over 200 pounds or move up 2 dress sizes

With a clear idea of your true scale, you can take responsible steps to change your body shape

Shareen’s body image was still pregnant. Trying on smaller clothes, her mind told her she was bigger

As Leila fell on the Courthouse steps, she realized her “old” panties had fallen off and ensnared her feet

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