Introduction to HEART PLAN, Weight Loss Success and Weight Loss Motivation

Introduction to HEART PLAN, Weight Loss Success and Weight Loss Motivation
– Summary to Remember

weight loss motivation in weight lossThe stumbling block with weight loss programs – keeping the weight off.

Customers expect to lose a few pounds, hit a plateau, then quit.

Few start out on a weight loss program with success in their heart.

Weight loss customers expect to fail — in spite of initial bravado.

Why do they expect to fail? Because every weight loss die fails

Weight loss programs are a prescription for failure

Nearly every person loses weight on a program — then gain it all back

Successful losers…QUIT? Why? How could that be?

Changing your weight changes your identity. Not everyone likes that.

Men face a different reaction losing weight than women

Women face a different, unfair reality when they lose weight

Overweight friends can become uncomfortable with newly thin people

Women’s best friends can abandon them when they really need support

Learn how to help others through weight loss transformation

Unlearn “schooled” thinking from the so-called weight loss experts

The road to permanent weight loss is a step-by-step process

Uncover the reasons we all give ourselves to not succeed

Successful weight loss programs can create contradictions

Re-write your weight loss story early. Find the one you really want

Define your weight loss future on your own terms

Find answers about calories on Google. Permanent weight loss is in your heart

Imagine alternative futures at the weight you really want to be

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