Advertising Options for Your Business

Thank you for sharing your passion and business with us all. We would love to learn, explore and discover your unique proposition you offer to your customers by shopping with you.

I have 4 options for you to Get the Word Out about your business:

Option 1: Stand Alone Ad without copy, 300 x 300, $19.95/mo (buy 3 months, get 4th Free)
Please see this page for examples and how your ad may display.

You will be able to upload your ad image all by yourself. Make sure you have picked web safe colors so that it displays just the way you want it.

All of your content must stay within the boundaries of your ad.

The links should be to the Family-friendly stores and places where you display and sell your products!

I reserve the right to request changes to your ad prior to placing it, for any reason I deem necessary.

I do not restrict ads for competitive products, or the same products offered from different distributors or representatives of it. If you want a monopoly on the product you are offering, with no other persons offering it on my site at the same time, the prices are triple for each size of ad. It has been my experience that if you create an ad with your own personality infused in it, people will be attracted to your personality, as well as your product, so competition is less important than it would seem.

If you need design services to lay out your ad, I can supply a graphic designer for you, and you will need to work out the pricing for that person’s services separately. I can arrange the payment for any person I recommend directly through my system, but I cannot be responsive for them meeting, or not meeting your expectations.

The newest ads will be placed above the previous ads. But all will be seen as a user looks down, or scrolls down the page.

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Option 2: Banner Ad, 728 x 90 $29.95/mo (buy 3 months, get 4th Free)
Please see an example how your Banner Ad may display. All the same requirements as the Stand Alone 300 x 300 ad, but your ad will be twice as wide. ONLY 3 Available for each month.

I need final art as a jpeg or png file. Make sure you have picked web safe colors so that it displays just the way you want it. Please Email me with your AD Image + Link it should go to.

All of your content must stay within the boundaries of your ad.

You add must have a minimum 2 pixel, black, continuous border all the way around it.

Provide me separately with the link where you want users to go to when they click on your link.

I reserve the right to request changes to your ad prior to placing it, for any reason I deem necessary.

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Option 3: SPONSORED PRODUCT POST on my Celebrate Woman Today home page, $65
With this option you get three ways to have your products seen on my site AND must also have either a Stand Alone ad or Banner ad at the same time.

1. On my Home page, you will have a thumbnail picture on the left side of the post. This is a jpeg or png picture that you will need to supply.

2. You write an article about yourself, and your product, just like a regular post on my site. The summary that will appear on the Home Page will have about 10 words in the title (shown in my site’s regular fonts and color. The body copy that will show in the summary will be about 50-60 words, depending on the length of your words. At the end of the summary it will say “… [Read More]” in red font.

The newest post summaries, whether sponsored or editorial, will be placed at the top of the Home page. As new editorial or sponsored posts are created, the previous posts will be pushed down the page in the regular fashion used on my blog. At any time, about 10 such posts are seen in full on the page.

When clicked the “Read More” will take you to a full, separate page for you to tell all about your product. I also require a short introduction that you will need to write about yourself, plus a picture of yourself.

You can say anything you want to say about your product, as long as it is legal to say and does not violate the values of myself or my readers (in my sole judgement). The article cannot be more than 1000 words.

I also require you to have a minimum of at least two other pictures on your Sponsored post page, each at least 300×300 pixels. You must prove you have permission to use all pictures you put into your article.

I reserve the right to edit your copy and to make suggestions to make changes. If such does not meet with your approval, will will not proceed to place your ad.

3. Every Saturday on my regular “AM Coffee” live show, I will give a “Shout Out” to all who have a Sponsored Product, and ask my followers to go over and look at your Sponsored Page. We will usually get several comments about it, and you are welcome to join in the discussion too. Better yet, we can set you up to offer them a sample or signup for more info on the date we mutually agree upon. Be aware we sometimes have 2 or 3 sponsor shout outs on Saturday, but my fans will love it whether one or two or three sponsors.

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Option 4: Online Party

To introduce and sustain your brand, we create genuine engagement with our CELEBRATEWOMANEVENTS. While we do many other things, these unique Events are the best way to generate intimate conversations with new fans and prospective customers across our Social Media channels. And we have a way to do it.

If you are interested in this option, for more details Email me with your inquiry.

So, let’s get you started right way…and GET the WORD OUT about your product.