Form Blogger Participation in CORE Social Media Campaign

Thank you for responding for this campaign call. Here’s a brief  description of it for you to be able to see if it is a good match for you and what you do with your blogging platform.

The Focus of this Social Media Campaign is to create awareness of the weight loss program and its products that evolve around the concept of UnDiet. Combination of a quality lifestyle + all-natural supplements that work in unison.

Core UnDietWe would need 9 bloggers who could participate in this campaign January-February, with the following ask and offering:

• About 3 posts per week with all materials, swipe files, images, direction provided. Just need personal thought  and wording included into each post. All posts would be amplified by your social media channels: Retweets, Facebook posting, Google+, Pinterest.
• January 7-11, 2015, all-expenses-paid trip to the company’s new product launch in Las Vegas.
We will be doing live blogging from all the events the company outlined for their customers and distributors. If you are good at live blogging and posting to your social media and have a deep reach with your followers who listen to what you say – we’d love to consider you to be in this group.
• You will be offered 2-months worth of the company’s weight management products and supplements for you to try and to blog about in January, February, whenever you are ready to voice your opinion.
• Bloggers will be also compensated in cash for January and February.

For the next 30 bloggers, we would like to have you to try and blog about your experience with the company’s weight management products. If you would like to do so, fill out the form. This would be a separate offer from the above and is not combined with it.

If you are Not a Blogger, just go to this page to fill out the form for more information and samples only if you wish so. January will be their month for fulfillment.