Excess Weight Is An Acquired Disability

Excess Weight Is An Acquired Disability.

Ideas to eat less – to live life more.

by Boyd Jentzsch

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Excess weight affects your life, incrementally, unnoticeably at first, until it becomes your life…a life of limitations. A life of disability. Having acquired it, you can un-acquire it. It is a choice.

weight loss motivationBut losing weight is more than choosing the food you put into your mouth. It is the commitment your pour out of your soul. If you want to lose a lot of weight, you have to start there…what stirs within your soul that can shake up your body and begin the process of shedding excess pounds. You have to find your “why.”

You can’t lose weight for someone else, although it may begin that way. But your path to the finish line runs through your heart, through the power and beauty of your soul, exposed to yourself in bright moments of revelation, and quiet thoughts of meditation.

It is you, revealed in what you allow yourself to be, not in what you had allowed yourself to be imprisoned within.

Losing weight is not just about the lives of those who need to shed a bunch of pounds. Losing weight is about the lives of others who would be impacted…
…the lives of those who would be challenged
…those who would be asked for support
…those who may feel they were being left behind

It’s not about what you are losing, it is about what you are gaining. (No one can keep up the motivation of denying themselves day after day, month after month. At some point, if it doesn’t become about what you are gaining, you will quit. Quit.

And when you can’t wake up with that certainty, that today will be better, that tomorrow will be better still…when you can’t lay in bed, just before you go to sleep at night and dream that dream of what you could do, how you would feel, where you could go, how your relationships would be changed for the better if you could permanently shed those 20-30-50 pounds, and sometimes much more.

Have you really thought through how your excess weight is limiting your life?

Wouldn’t eating less to live more, really make your day lighter?

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-by Boyd Jentzsch

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Boyd, a recovering Attorney, turned to weight loss research 20 years ago when he lost his mother to the lifelong effects of obesity. He has spent the ensuing years searching the science, and formulating a comprehensive metabolic map of the body — the only complete map of its kind. The map reveals the causes and effects of obesity and related chronic lifestyle diseases. It shows the only proven pathways to preventing and losing excess weight. From that unique foundation, he and his team created a weight loss education program that has helped tens of thousands to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, they created innovative and fun fitness and nutrition education programs for elementary school children, proven to reduce the early bio-markers for childhood obesity. HEART PLAN is a collection of his observations over the years of the emotional impact and motivational challenges nearly everyone faces when trying to keep lost weight off permanently.

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  1. That granny can go! I couldn’t do that even with a lot less weight.

  2. I hate to have to say this but I was actually healthier before I lost 30-40 pounds! Now it seems that everything is happening negatively to my body all at once! I am hoping that the doctors can get to the bottom of this. I really am happy that I lost the weight–but—-

  3. I was morbidly obese for many years. I can say it isn’t always a choice alone. And it isn’t always as simple as eating less.

  4. I would be more active and adventurous I would think!!

  5. ‘m currently morbidly obese and just starting to learn new things and how to do better then how i am right now, this was a good motivation post that i will take to heart. thank you 🙂

  6. I don’t think I could do what that woman is doing no matter how much I weighed. ~lol~ However, I do agree that excess weight can affect someone’s life.

  7. I need to take off a few pounds and I like what you said: “It’s not about what you are losing. It’s about what you are gaining.” I might have to print that out and post it near my bike, my treadmill and my refrigerator. Thank you for the motivation. The lack of motivation is my biggest problem.

  8. Wow!! This is definitely inspiration for me. I need to get healthier.

  9. This is one of the reasons I started on my weight loss journey. I want to live a nice long life with my daughter.

  10. I need to start losing weight but I keep putting it off. I am getting better though at not keeping junk food in the house.

  11. Melissa Smith says

    That is an awesome picture! I have some weight that I need to lose & finally figured out what works best for me. It feels great!

  12. That’s awesome that she can do that! Each person is different but you have to figure out what is best for you! Thanks so much for the info!

  13. I agree so much wit this statement “It’s not what you’re losing, it’s what you’re gaining.”Perfect!

  14. There are no simple answers for weight. Every person has a different situation.

  15. Catherine S says

    I love the picture, I wish I could do that. Your statement is so true. I have recently lost about 25lbs through diet and exercise and I have gained quality time with my teenage son. I have had asthma my entire life and it had really limited my physical activity. Ibhad to take a steriod inhaler twice a day along with an albuterol inhaler a couple times a day. Now I exercise every day with my son and we bowl on a league together. I am proud to say that I have not taken any asthma medicine in almost a month.

  16. Great post. The problem with us humans is that we’re all about instant gratification. I will instantly be happy if I eat this twinkie. We don’t think about what comes down the line.

  17. Maintaining a healthy weight can be terribly difficult with all the deliciously processed foods out there. You almost have to put on blinders and only look at the healthy stuff.

  18. This is a great post, and maintaing a healthy weight is definitely something that affects more than just you. I have a friend who is losing weight because he just found out that his wife is pregnant, and it was a realization for him that he needed to be healthy for his daughter.

  19. lisa jones says

    I Could Move Around More Quickly & Live Longer With A Healthy Lifestyle!!

  20. Thanks for the motivation! Always a pleasure to read your weight loss and fitness posts.

  21. I saw that first lady in a video last week, and I was amazed! This is a great post. It’s a great reminder that weight loss isn’t just about weight loss! Thanks for sharing this info.

  22. You’d be amazed how much better you feel by dropping a few pound and getting your body moving. We did it a couple years ago and never looked back!

  23. Sometimes I think people forgot weighing less not only makes you look better, but also feel better. It improves your overall health and happiness as well

  24. I have been carrying around an extra 50 pounds for several years now. It keeps me from enjoying things with my kids like going to the pool, running at the park or going to the amusement park. What a relevant post for me!

  25. To me what matter sis how you feel, not how much you weigh. Dropping pounds will make you lighter and nimbler, but is it what makes you happy?

  26. My DH is an MD. He tries to walk patients through this every day, but it is hard. It’s not just about losing weight or putting less in your mouth. It’s about understanding the trigger that led to the weight in the first place. Is it bad habits since childhood? Is it a lack of understanding of what healthy means (veggies cooked in bacon fat are not healthy)? Is it an awareness of how much is actually being eaten?

    I agree with you, losing weight leads to healthier living for the obese. I disagree that it’s as simple as self-motivation for most. Working with a doctor as accountability partner can make a quicker, longer-lasting difference as patients gain a greater understanding of calories, healthy foods and healthy lifestyle choices.

  27. Eating healthy and staying active are the most important things we could do for our bodies. I know that after I lost the baby weight, I went back down to what I weighed before and my body won’t let me lose any more weight. I don’t weigh nearly 110 lbs and my body knows that I shouldn’t!

  28. that woman is amazing. I try and eat healthy (most o the time)

  29. While I agree that losing a few pounds can increase out health and ability, each person’s weight isn’t the same so everyone needs to find the right weight for their body type. Then they’ll be happy and healthy.

  30. Wow, that grandmother is amazing. I am going to try and be more active now that I feel a little bit better. Finally getting my pain under control.

  31. Oh my gosh, look at her go! I can’t imagine being able to do the balance beams now let alone her age.

  32. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I need to drink more water every day. Motivation to workout would be great to. Thanks for the great post.

  33. Wow, go old lady! I agree that weight loss is about everyone impacted, not just the one person who is losing weight. I need to drink water and be more active!

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