Continued: You Donʼt Really Want to Lose Weight, Do You?

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Continued: You Donʼt Really Want to Lose Weight, Do You?

Canʼt you see that there is something EXTRA going on here?

weight loss programsThat something extra is DOUBT buried deep within you. You donʼt believe in yourself any more. At least not as far as weight loss is concerned.

You have failed enough times to keep the weight off that you really donʼt believe you can make it happen. You have secretly accepted that you are never going to be skinnier — you are just going through the motions… TRYing to lose weight.

And that, precisely is the problem. You donʼt believe it is possible FOR YOU. Other people might be able to do it, but not you. Right?

Think about it. What is the worst that can happen?

What if you lost all your excess weight?

Letʼs say you got out of high school at under 130 pounds (to set up a wild example). Letʼs say you now weigh over 200 pounds. (I’m exaggerating, to make a point.)

How would your life change if a year from now you were 125 pounds? (Too low maybe, but you get the point.)

Now, leave aside whether or not you believe that can happen. Just go with it for a moment — How would your life be different a year from today if you weighed less than when you graduated from high school?
Think about that for a moment….

Close your eyes and imagine it….. …..

(still thinking about it?) ….. ….. …..

(eyes still closed?)….. …… …..

(really picture yourself at that new weight)….. ….. …..

(still thinking?)….. ….. …..

Can you see it?

Can you really envision yourself at that exciting new, slimmer size, and staying there for the rest of your life?

Seeing that… What do you feel? Happy? Sad? Joyous? Afraid? Unbelievable? Exciting? What about Doubt? Fear? Some form of anger?

If you knew there were a way, FOR SURE, to 100% lose all the weight you wanted within a year or less, WOULD YOU DO IT?

My experience with many hundreds of weight loss customers over 20 years says… You will say you will TRY it.

But somewhere down the road, within 3 or 6 or 7 months, YOUʼLL QUIT. Stop. Kaput!

And youʼd not be all that different than others. A high percentage of people would do similarly – quitting just as they were going to get ahead.

You would quit, not because you are a bad person. Or that you lack character. Or that you donʼt have the will power.

You would QUIT a 100% for-sure-thing because…

You donʼt believe there is a 100% for-sure-thing (right?)

You are not certain you can do it, so itʼs better to stop now before it gets too evident, or too difficult
__________________ (fill in the blank for a reason you’d QUIT)

What stops your weight loss efforts?

I can tell you why nearly every person I have worked with in 20+ years QUIT about half way to reaching their goal weight.

Why did they QUIT? Two words:

Doubt        Fear

These are big words. Ideas buried deep within you. And they paralyze you, preventing you from taking the effective action you need to succeed.

Of course, no one wants to think that way about themselves. You certainly would not want others to think that about you.

What does it take to succeed at weight loss?

Every successful person I have worked with in those same 20 years — those who finally transformed their lives did it the same way. Two equally big words:

Belief        Action

If you want to transform your life… If you want to lose all the weight your secret heart tells you that you REALLY want to lose… you have one simple task…

Convert… Doubt… into… Belief

Convert… Fear… into… Action

Thatʼs it.

Can you do that?

Hereʼs the thing…

If you turn doubt into belief…into a certainty, if you turn fear into action… concerted action, you WILL find a way to succeed. No matter what.

YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO SUCCEED. Failure would not be an option. A worthless weight loss program would not be an excuse.

And a year from now you will wonder at how big your old prom dress fits on you.

Can you see that?

Contemplate if you are up for that.

Are you?

Do you want to TRY it?

You will allow your inner tools of strength and resolve to get outside you and perform their magic for two reasons, and two reasons only…

1. If you have no other option but to lose weight…. that you have reached bottom and you feel in the pit of your gut that you absolutely must make it happen… or

2. Day by day you accumulate the wisdom, the knowledge, the incremental motivation, and emotional bulwarks, each built one atop the other, one day at a time, until you finally make it, and you get to that same gut-place that says you are finally going to make it.

In either case you will never TRY to succeed again.

You WILL lose weight permanently.

You WILL succeed.

Please consider sending us your thoughts in the Comments, below.

Have you ever tried to lose weight, succeeded, then regained it all back? How did that make you feel?

Did you find a way to finally succeed? What did you do?

What is your biggest stumbling block to losing weight permanently? What do you do to address it?

If you have learned how to convert DOUBT into BELIEF, share how you did that.

If you have been able to convert FEAR into ACTION, tell us how you did it?

Please share your thoughts with us all.

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You Really Don’t Want to Lose Weight
TRYING to lose weight IS the path to FAILURE.

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  1. In my case, I need to watch my weight because I have a thyroid condition. If I don’t help myself, I’ll balloon and I don’t like that.

    • I too have a Thyroid condition that I’m seriously trying to work out.. I don’t want to have to take meds for it for the rest of my life. Not sure how to lose weight b/c I’ve never had to before and I’m 53. Need all the help I can get.

  2. Lots to think about. Thank you for the blog! Enjoyed the series.

  3. Rebecca Swenor says

    The number one big thing to remember is believing in yourself.

  4. I agree with Rebecca, you have to remember to believe in yourself. If you don’t, than no one will….or at least that’s how it will seem.

  5. So true. I am so tired of the yo-yo diets

  6. I am having thyroid issues and i’m trying to lose weight hows that for an uphill battle?

  7. I’m on a weightloss journey. Interested to hear your point of view.

  8. Weight loss begins with discipline and sustains with consistency.

  9. Fear and doubt can be triggers for some of our worst eating habits – emotional eating. Definitely need to believe in ourself.

  10. Having undiagnosed thryoid issues can definitely lead to doubt and depression. I know I felt so free once I found out and started treatment for my thyroid and my overall health feels better and my weight is getting back on track!

  11. I’m always open to all sorts of weight loss options. 🙂

  12. You can’t do anything if you don’t believe that you can first. Above all, you have to have faith in yourself.

  13. I have successfully been on a weight lost journey since January and am over 40 pounds down. Blogging about helps keep me accountable.

    • Congrats, Michelle! That’s a great idea, to put it out there for accountability. I’m starting that on Monday, and I’m kinda freaking out about it. I have thyroid and other hormone issues, and have really fallen into the trap this article discusses – that if I don’t really believe I can do it, I probably can’t. I need to change my thinking, and I’m hoping that talking about it on my blog will help me with that. I honestly think I’ve been avoiding doing that simply BECAUSE it means I have to keep at it.

      • Celebrate Woman says

        You’ve touched upon several issues in your one short comment:

        – Fear
        – Accountability
        – First Believe, then Do it
        – Changing lifestyle
        – Support

        If one element is missing and you do not tackle it BEFORE you start on any new weight loss journey – rethink your Start Date. Yes, you can lose weight on almost any program.

        Where the fear comes from is your non-belief in yourself that you would be able to sustain your new weight and accept the lifestyle that is being “imposed” on you by the program.

        To avoid it, you gotta have that inner knowing that you are embarking on a Lifelong journey, rather than on a weight loss journey.

        If you have any questions and/or need support – reach out. We’re here to support you and anybody who needs Support.

  14. I lost a lot of weight then I had children and didn’t make time for myself. I recently started making time for me to exercise and I feel great about it.

  15. Such encouraging words. thanks for sharing. Losing weight is so hard especially for us foodies.

  16. You’ve just written my weight story of the last 30 years in a nutshell. Only your numbers are not exaggerated they are my numbers. I’ve just lost 40 lbs and have 40 to 50 more to go. All I see is the doubt and fear. I’m 53 and tired of the weight issue and really a lot of the time I just don’t care. Sorry for being the bum, but after awhile I’m just tired of trying and I’ve had to learn the word is acceptance.

  17. Great post Rebecca definitely gives me alot to think about! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I think when drastic changes are made or they’re made too fast, it’s nearly impossible to continue for any length of time.

  19. Lisa J Jones says

    Diets Don’t Like Me I’m Stubborn & Don’t Want To Give Certain Things Up!! LOL!

  20. I don’t have an issue with losing weight. Right now I’m trying to gain some of what I lost.

  21. Let’s just say, if there was a magic pill that dropped 100 pounds, no strings attached, I would take it.

  22. I have Thyroid from last 14 years.. and it is pathetic looking at yourself getting fat in mirror.. Grrr…

    Thanks for sharing… I so needed this motivation 🙂

  23. Our mindset is definitely the decisive factor in having success with anything we set out to achieve for ourselves. I believe in visualization and affirmations to help us get there, and through each step of the way!

  24. katherine says

    I want to lose weight but the desire to sleep overcomes me!

  25. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself, to be sure.

  26. Hm… I don’t know, I think that people quit their weight loss plans because of their assessment of the cost/benefit ratio. At some point the process gets too hard and they assess that the cost it will take to achieve their goal isn’t worth the benefit they will gain at the end.

  27. I believe in the power of attraction so I try to focus on things that I want very deeply. It works well. But as for weight loss, I need to focus a bit more.

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