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Archive No.3: HEART PLAN Archives And PDFs For Download

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jumming birds Weight loss motivationDON’T Eat Like A Hummingbird.
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Hummingbirds are tiny beautiful creatures. And they eat like a horse. Several horses, actually.
Tiny bodies. Tiny tongues. Tiny stomachs. You wouldn’t expect them to have horrendous appetites. Yet, hummingbirds consume their body weight in food daily. Flapping their wings 90 times a second requires a lot of energy. On the build-up to their annual migration, THEY CAN DOUBLE THEIR BODY WEIGHT IN FAT. Flying in excess of 30 mph, they fly over 500 miles non-stop across the Gulf of Mexico.  So what do hummingbirds have to do with your weight loss problem? Read More…

why lose weightWHY Do You Want To Lose Weight?
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Most Americans are 10 to 20 pounds overweight when they first tried a commercial weight loss program. They lose about 8 pounds. One year afterwards, they are 20 to 30 pounds overweight. Weight loss customers attempt to lose weight 4-9 times with various weight loss programs. Each time, one year later, they weigh an extra 10 pounds. As a result, Americans are an average of 30 pounds to 50 pounds overweight. Read More…

Sensuous Weight lossTO LOSE Weight – Express Your Sensual Self
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Now, it is time to justify you taking the time, and effort, without guilt or apology, to smell the roses, eat great chocolate, to experience once more – to express once more – the perfect kiss. How do you control your appetite? How do you lose a lot of weight…?

…Express your sensual self. Read More…

Weight Loss Motivation Ghost in your genesQUIET the Ghost in Your Genes
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Let’s accept the fact that, if you are overweight by more than a few pounds it’s probably the fault of your genes. That done, what do you want to do now? Stay overweight? Get bigger? You have a perfectly good excuse – genes. Lean on it. Use it for all its worth. When you reach for that extra serving of mashed potatoes, say out loud, “GRANDMA, THIS SPUD’S FOR YOU!” There, you have peace in your war with food. That having been said, were you looking for an excuse? Or a solution? Read More…

Weight Loss motivationWeight Loss Motivation?  Where is Your Road Map to Weight Loss Success?
Sustaining your weight loss motivation, especially if you weigh 25 pounds or more than you should, is exceptionally difficult to maintain month after month using someone else’s map – no matter how beautifully drawn. In the really tough moments that always happen, when the pressure can really get to you, you come to realize the “map” you have been relying on is NOT YOU TALKING TO YOU. And that gives you the perfect excuse to reject it. Once rejected, you can never again rely on it. You are back to square one, with nothing to replace it.

Read More…

Lay down weapons of war weight loss motivationLOSE the Weight Loss Battle.  Do You Want the Top 5 Reasons?
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You have to begin in peace if you want to be in touch with what your body is saying about your weight loss efforts. In peace, you can hear the difference between truth and B.S. When you really want to energize your weight loss efforts, peace in the weight loss wars is the only way you will know the difference between what will help you lose weight, and what will not. But, after years in those wars, fighting, winning, and losing your weight loss battles, you get disconnected from your body. It’s difficult to know when you are really hungry… Read More…

Don't NOT Eat weight loss motivationGRACEFUL Weight Loss –  Three Silly, but Very Effective Rules
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Permanent weight loss is not rocket science. But it is science, nonetheless. It’s not about less calories. It’s about controlling your hunger. The difficulty with weight loss programs is they concentrate on you eating less. They want you to control the end result – less calories – rather than concentrating on eliminating the triggers that cause you to eat too many calories – your hunger. For graceful weight loss there are THREE SILLY but EFFECTIVE RULES. These three are a great way to get started to lose weight. Read More…

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